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    "There is a patch for your game that is required to run it"

    Keep getting this error while trying to play after the game patched to 1.05. It downloaded through the Uplay client and installed without an error, then this appears on boot. Clicking OK sends me to the patch webpage. I downloaded the exe file and ran that, it says it's installed after about a second and the same error appears on trying to launch.

    I'd rather avoid downloading the entire game again as my internet speed is pretty terrible and it would take days to do.


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    I dl. this one - ran it and can play:

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    Quote Originally Posted by renegate47 View Post
    I dl. this one - ran it and can play:
    Yep, same one I downloaded (twice, figured maybe the first was corrupted), no luck unfortunately. Thanks though.

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    Resolved now, uninstalling and reinstalling Uplay fixed it (no extra patching necessary).

    EDIT- Scratch that, it fixed it for one load, now the problem is back...
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    Same problem here.
    This error won't let me play.

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    Hi guys, I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.

    I will also report it.

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    Firewall Maybe?

    I have had a similar problem a couple of times with this sort of thing. Once with Steam and once with Uplay. After much head scratching it turned out to be Norton 360 firewall. I had to remove the program rules for both Steam and Uplay and then manually reset them. This then allowed both programs to start. Not saying this is your problem but it does seem that Norton doesn't always allow what it sees as a new program to access the internet.

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    I have the same problem. My guess is that maybe I pressed quit too early while the updater was still active. It's kinda weird, after the patch is done installing, the updater stays there and does nothing, indicating that you can 'quit' it. Reinstalling the patch doesn't work, it seems to not do anything at all.

    I have also tried turning it off and on again (both uplay and my pc), no dice.

    EDIT: A word of warning: If you've turned off cloud saving and uninstall Uplay, your savegames will be gone for good, because they're in the uplay folder. Back them up beforehand!

    I've reinstalled uplay, and as bramblefeet says, it works once and the message shows up again afterwards. I was able to determine the patch status is still 1.04 when the game was running! So the update failed. But reinstalling the patch doesn't work either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    Hi guys, I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.

    I will also report it.
    I have to repeat what Ubi-Mush is saying. Here is the link:

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    FIX: Uninstall game. Reinstall game. Let the updater update. DO NOT PRESS QUIT when the patches are done. The updater window has to vanish by itself.

    I did submit a ticket yesterday, will probably receive an answer in 3 days or so. Why are you guys so adamant about opening tickets? Will that change anything? Will that result in the devs recognizing that this problem exists because the Far Cry 3 Updater doesn't make it clear you're absolutely not supposed to click 'Quit'?

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