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    Week 56 Challenge - "Carry On, Wayward Son" (Combo) by Kansas

    1) A song and particular arrangement will be posted before Tuesday every week.

    2) There are four competitive categories. To foster a fair, fun, and competitive environment, players should self-select into the category that best describes their ability. This categorization should remain stable from week to week, unless a player determines that they have initially self-selected into the wrong division.

    Division I: Can level most songs to 100%, and can play most songs proficiently - 95+% accuracy. Can master songs like Mean B!tch, Chimney, Good Enough etc.
    Division II: Can level several songs to 100%, may have trouble accurately playing them at that level. General accuracy 85-95%.
    Division III: May level some easier songs to 100, but others will be partially leveled. Regularly scores 70-95k. Can level songs like Song 2 single note, Go With The Flow combo, Angela, or chord arrangements to 100%.
    Division IV: New to guitar. No songs really leveled to 100%.

    There will also be "honorable mentions" for score, note streak, videos, and master mode entries (these entries can be separate runs from the main competition entry).

    3) Each participant is allowed to make a single entry in the division they have selected. All submissions for the main divisions should be in standard rehearsal or performance mode, even for songs that are mastered. Master Mode entries will not count towards the competition scoring.

    4) Entries must be made by replying to the song thread with your score, accuracy, note streak, and Division in the title (this way we won't have to sift through post content). For example: Div I - 124,033 | 389 NS | 98%

    5) Please only submit one result (score + accuracy + note streak) per song. If you play the song later in the week and do better, go to your original post and edit with the replacement score and pic.

    6) To be entered in the competition you must submit a picture of the song results replay screen (showing score, percentage, and note streak). A single entry is required for the competition (with percentage, note streak and score from the same run).

    The winner will be determined as follows:
    Division I & II: 'Mastered' entries (purple score bar) are scored ahead of 'Non-Mastered' (orange score bar) results. The 'Mastered' entry with the highest accuracy wins (entries are ranked by accuracy). Score then Note Streak will be used to break ties. The 'Non-Mastered' entries are ranked by score below the 'Mastered' entries.
    Division III & IV: The entry with the highest score wins (all entries are ranked by score).

    7) All entries must be in before Monday, so by 11:59 Sunday night (based on PST Time Zone or UTC-8 internationally)

    8) A separate thread showing the winners of each division will be posted by the previous week's winner, and the selection of the following week's song will be the responsibility of one of those winners.

    9) We will rotate the responsibility of selecting the next song and arrangement each week starting with Division IV, III, II, then I. Rinse and repeat.

    10) In the event that the winner does not respond to a PM notification to start a new thread by Tuesday, the winner of the next category in the rotation will be notified to select an arrangement and start a thread.

    11)The winner/song selector must PM Black_Widow9, Mr_Shade, rcole_sooner, T_O_A_D after creating the Challenge Result thread, with the winners.

    The Winner of Division I picks the song for next week.

    Link to Spreadsheet. For it to work, you MUST post your results in your post title (use the 'go advanced' button).
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    Norman, OK

    Div 1: 109,363 - 81 NS - 90%

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    Div I 115,064 - 401ns - 97%

    Definitely a placeholder. Those arpeggios are a pain.

    Goal for this week is 100%

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    Div IV - 60,189 | 53NS | 77%

    Div IV - 60,189 | 53NS | 77%

    - 70.000

    Monday: - Startingpoint: 33,212. Leveled all parts as far as i can with three tries each. Afterwards played the song one more time: 52,213
    Thursday - ****, I really hate these appregios. i get confused all te time. 57,635
    Saturday - Still can't get used to appergios. took some video lessons. also perfecting a few parts. Prob last try this week. 60,189

    I found the hardest part the fast changes between parts.. It makes it really difficult to keep myself coordinated.
    I wish you all goodluck on this one.
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    Div III - 53,159 | 51NS | 73%

    Mon - bass
    Tue - levelled the hook and the first riff, skipped the solo and failed to level the verse.
    Wed - tabbed out the verse, practiced. Can do it at maybe 70% speed but not well enough to accelerate. Practiced hook, riff and riff2. Lots of this is just too fast for me at this stage.

    I have a feeling this one is going to kill me.
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    Div 1: 110,642 - 93 ns - 97%

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