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Thread: Will AC4: Black Flag Be Worth Playing? SPOILERS | Forums

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    Will AC4: Black Flag Be Worth Playing? SPOILERS

    Ubisoft has spent no time getting us ready for the next AC game. This game follows Edward Kenway (Haytham's father and Connor's Grandfather) as he travels around the carribean fighting pirates and being all assassiny. But, will this game be worth playing? I say, only if it includes the following points. Please comment on which points you agree with and participate in the poll! thanks guys.

    1. If it is next-gen. I already know the answer to this one. This will be the first assassins creed on a new generation console! Who knows what improvements can be made?

    2. If it goes back to basics. Ubisoft should stop adding more and more and more onto old systems and basics in each game. They should literally go completely back to basics. Start with this: He is an assassin, and he is in the carribean. Then, add on from there. The reason why AC2 was such a success was that it was completely fresh. Nothing from the previous games should be included unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, they don't need to include an assassins guild unless they have found a fresh new way to implement it into the game.

    3. If enemy AI are improved. The civillians are great, but the enemies are not. Make them more lifelike and dangerous. Make them look more lifelike. Improve the enemy detection and search system. The point is, I should be AFRAID of getting detected. In previous games, if I got detected, I knew I could just destroy them and get on with the game. Take hints from batman arkham city and read dead redemption.

    4. If the stealth system is refined. Improve social stealth for crowded areas. I have never used the crowds for stealth, so make it so that I WANT to use them. Add new systems to stealth, like shadows to hide in, pits, ect. I know that some people say that crouching is not needed, but that is only true for urban areas. When you are on the roofs and other non crowded places,crouching is necessary. Another way to improve stealth is to allow bodies to be dragged or carried immediately upon assassination. Take hint from dishonored, where you could automatically carry bodies after stabbing them instead of letting them drop and then picking them up. Improve cover system. All these stealth things could be made more important if guards are smarter, more dangerous, and more intense. Take hints from red dead redemption and especially dishonored, where I NEVER wanted to be detected because the enemies are so hard. This doesn't mean make combat more hard. If anything in combat can be improved, it would be to make enemy attacks more damaging.

    5. Re-introduce the "assassin" feeling. This can be achieved by going back to AC2 style, where emphasis on assassination was huge, and entire sequences would be spent trying to figure out how to enter the targets lair and take him out. I dont want this to only be a pirate game. Connor and the ezio in brotherhood and revelations felt more like a vigilante than an assassin. AC1 and 2 had it down in terms of "assassin" feeling. Take hints from them.

    6. If London is also available. I know that cities and towns like Havana and possibly tortuga will be visited, but Edward LIVES in London. WE should be able to explore there. Maybe even revisit the opera theatre.

    7. If Connor is included somehow. Since we are playing as Edward in the last 2 decades of his life, based on the novel, I am 1000 percent sure that a young Haytham will be included. But, Connor should be included in the game somehow, in some form. Even if it is a small role.

    8 If "Pirates of the Carribean" easter-eggs are included. It takes place in the same time period AND location. It is mandatory.

    9. If naval freeroaming is included. This would allow us to explore the seas and even islands where villages and treasures can be found.

    10. If we can customize our own ship. Allow customization of crew, design, weapons, masts, color, and interior, like the customization of rooms, your quarters, and such. skilled artisans and workers to travel with you, similar to the homestead recruitment system.

    11. If more customization of your character is included. Allow greater variety of weapons and tools to choose from, and allow customization of specific parts of your outfit, like the shape of you hood, type of boots, shirt, tunic, hidden blade braces, and the color of specific parts. This would make the game feel more like a personalized and fresh game.

    12. If platforming missions like in AC2 are returned. The ones in AC3 were meh.

    13. Include "truth" like side games.

    14. Add random encounters like in Red dead redemption, where you couldn't go two feet without an even triggering. This would make freeroaming so much better and fun. Put in more ambient conversations and events into the crowds.

    15. Return ambient music to freeroaming.

    16. If controller vibrations are added to combat, and vibrations of guns are better.

    17. If sound effects are improved.

    18. If multiple areas, cities, and towns are visitable.

    19. If a homestead type system was included and improved. Allow WAY more customization of you "manor/villa". Ability to customize individual buildings, walls, roads, and feel of your town. Improve homestead trading and crafting system, making it more important to the main questline and gameplay. Improve homestead missions.

    20. Last but not least, improve mission style. Allow more freedom, add multiple paths, multiple ways to complete it, and most importantly, get rid of mission constraints entirely. 100 percent sync was never fun for me in any of the past three games, and the ridiculous mission constraints only take away from the freedom.

    Bonus: Keep innovating the game and keep making amazing sountracks! As long as the games are consistently fun and fresh, I could care less if they are released yearly.

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!
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    As much as I hated the false promises and bad game design on AC:3, it is still a highly playable game.
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    Assassin_M's Avatar AC Expert
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    How about Just no ??

    Why do I have to be sick of AC ? xD
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    Mani60Cent12's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hell yes i will be playing black flag.
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    Likely not. It will sound good but when you play it..You'll hate yourself..

    I'm just gonna read the reviews..
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    I'm definitely going to play it, I can't not play an AC game, but I don't think I'll enjoy it. I really don't like what I've heard/seen so far, it seems too distant and doesn't feel like an AC game.
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    From what I can tell from the trailer, there will be much pirate mayhem and battle and explosions, but that the game wont stray away from the assassin theme. He is a privateer and a vigilante, but he is also an assassin, and im sure ubisoft wouldnt get rid of the assassin and stealth aspects of the game
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    bring on october 29th
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    Originally Posted by Wolfmeister1010 Go to original post
    From what I can tell from the trailer, there will be much pirate mayhem and battle and explosions, but that the game wont stray away from the assassin theme. He is a privateer and a vigilante, but he is also an assassin, and im sure ubisoft wouldnt get rid of the assassin and stealth aspects of the game
    considering the games called assassins creed they won't get rid of what the main characters meant to be
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    I wouldn't say I'm super excited, but everything so far sounds alright. Really like that they're bringing back Naval, It's something that they didn't pay much attention to in AC III.
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