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    Ac3 problems with tyranny of king washington, no tomahawk!!!!

    So recently I have was playing the new ac3 dlc and I lost my tomahawk but I do not know how to get it back because in the normal game you bought it but this is a dlc, any ideas?

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    If you don't mind, can you submit a ticket on our Support Site? Please give as much information as possible when doing so. We will certainly look into this for you.

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    I got an answer back from the developers for you guys.

    It seems there was a bug where players would sometimes lose their Tomahawk when interacting with a chest. This is a known issue that we have successfully addressed and will be fixed in the next patch (due shortly before Episode #2 – March 19-20th).

    Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the lost Tomahawk to a specific Episode 1 savegame (the patch won’t be able to return missing Tomahawks, it only prevents players from losing them in the future), but all equipment will be restored in Episode 2.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Not only on interacting with chest, the bug with possible losing tomahawk exists from launch day through 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 versions of the game. Connor may loose tomahawk during fighting or just while walking/running, probably also during climbing.

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    someone needs to tighten that sheath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Widow9 View Post
    I got an answer back from the developers for you guys.

    Did they tell you when they will fix bigger problem? I mean problem with performance of game. You and/or MrShade told to community about this problem: "devs are aware" so i expect answer to my, and other gamers question: when this fix will FINALLY come out?

    Performance problem is much bigger than clumsy Connor loosing his tomahawk because tomahawk you can re-equip in store.

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    well.......they obviously did NOT fix it.

    I just downloaded the DLC episodes on 4/23/13 . played Infamy. no problem. halfway through betrayal - i have now lost both my tomahawk and the club-thing. only weapon i have is hidden blade. the tomahawk was lost when i was trying to unlock a chest and a guard saw me and his meter turned red before i was done. i canceled the lockpicking procedure. and proceded to fight the 8 or 9 guards. when i went to pull out the tomahawk it was gone. once all enemies were defeated, i searched on the ground for 30 minutes looking for the tomahawk. never found it. i have no idea when the club disappeared. but its just magically gone.

    my question is....... i still haven't downloaded the redemption. will i have to go through it with only the hidden blade...... or will my weapons return or get a new weapon?

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    I think interacting with a chest while having weapon selected triggers this bug. So better always switch to hidden blades.
    Yes, you will have everything when you start another chapter. All chapters are separate and it does not matter at all what you have collected/lost in another. Which is stupid IMO if you take tons of locked chests into consideration. Tedious process without benefits, sounds like fun.

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    Hello Yesterday I bought a season pass to the Assassins creed 3, and when I was playing, in DLC, "The Tyranny of King Washington" Episode 1, in the final mission, after the first checkpoint is nothing I can do: I have lost the ability to kill, run, climb, interact with objects, use eagle vision, I can only walk slowly and hide in shelters. (this mission with dogs). I looked at the passage of Youtube there no one had any such problems. I wanted to ask, how do we fix this bug?

    Здравствуйте вчера я купил сезонный пропуск в Assassins Creed 3, и, когда я играл в DLC "Тирания короля Вашингтона" Эпизод 1, в последней миссии, после первого чекпоинта я ничего не могу сделать: я потерял способность убивать, бегать, лазить, взаимодействовать с объектами, использовать орлиное зрение, я могу только идти медленно и прятаться в укрытиях. (это миссия с собаками). Я посмотрел прохождение на Youtube не у кого не было таких проблем. Я хотел спросить, как же мне исправить эту ошибку?

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    I can confirm this bug still exists. I just bought the DLC last night and lost the tomahawk very early in the game just doing normal fighting. I hadn't opened any chests yet. I didn't think anything of it because I figured I could just re-equip it in a general store/hideout like the normal game. After doing some Googling I find out I can't. Why UBI would not have at least one general store/hideout where you could go to swap weapons and compare stats is beyond me. This is a really annoying dumbing down of the main game. I managed to find a stone tomahawk outside the cave where the elder was slaughtered but if the stats are like the main game that is inferior to the war tomahawk you start with. Also since all I had was hidden blade I picked up a 2H axe and want to drop it because it looks ridiculous hanging on your belt. Without a store/hideout it doesn't appear there is anyway to do that either. It appears after you sheath a weapon you lose the option to swap it with one on the ground. I guess I'll just restart tonight and check to make sure I don't drop it after every fight, chest or climb.
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