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Thread: Help me !! HAWX 2 loading data... stop. not in the game | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawadys View Post
    I have the same problem, happens very often but i found a way to start the missions.

    In the game's main menu, open 'Online' then open 'Player Match', and wait till it finishes searching (Usually i get 'No Games Found'). Go back and try starting the mission again, and skip the cinematic, Worked for me almost all the time!
    worked for me thanks

    have a nice day


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    I just got off the phone with there tech support and there is issues with certain Joystick , I own a joystick its the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro , so if you have a joystick unplug it from your pc , and see if the game loads correctly this way , they have put in a ticket for the issue with the joysticks . I will post back if i find a solution to being able to use this joystick that i own.

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    how do i get saitek x52 to work on this game mouse works but doesnt rec that i have the joystick

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    Ok guys,

    I also had the same problem and opened up a ticket with the support.

    They are very nice and also came up with something that worked for me:

    Open up this ports for the Windows Firewall:

    UDP: 3074
    TCP: 7777, 51967,3074

    Now the game can make his "call home" during the loading screen and instead of tossing you back to the main menu it loads and works fine.


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    well so i bought the game after installation i registered game at Ubisoft and opening Uplay acount
    first 2 mission working but when i running game nextime
    then kicks me back to main menu and after reloading
    same problem
    i reading some post in formus and many users have a same problem
    nothing solution usefull for me even when i open ports 3074 TCP/UDP on my Firewall
    or trying forward or open ports on my router

    this realy disappoint me hawx 1 was good game and when ubi want to make games with online system then they should be sure that it will be able to

    please help or fix it

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    Got the game,first attempt,got to play it but it had no sound,so I restart the game and every time I do 'Continue Story',got the animation then suddenly,back to main menu,UBISOFT we need a patch fix for this.It's something common so don't tell us about support tickets.

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    that's incredible that the problem started more than a month ago, and such big and I thought reliable company don't do anything about it...thank you for your drm's...I hope that soon we''ll be able to play the game that we paid for

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    Please ensure you open a ticket with Technical Support

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    I Will try to uninstall the game
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