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Thread: Kill a Heavy in ONE SHOT with NO DETECTION!!! | Forums

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    Kill a Heavy in ONE SHOT with NO DETECTION!!!

    Kill a heavy gunner in one shot!

    ^^Subscribe on YouTube for more Far Cry 3 and other games!!!

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    So Helpful!

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    You do realize we can see that you are responding to your own thread telling yourself that this is helpful... right?

    Or did you happen to forget how to take them out, search for it in the forums and then find your own video without realizing you had made the thread 8 days ago.

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    My brother looked went on my computer and this page was up, then he commented, not knowing I was signed in.

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    Banned GUN_SABOTUR's Avatar
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    Poor excuse for a bump lol

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    Global Moderator Tully__'s Avatar
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    Once is enough, multiple posts of the same topic across several forums is considered spam.

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