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    AC3 Playthrough(For PC!)

    So...I assume the embargo is over for Assassin's Creed 3, I am doing a full playthrough from start to finish of Assassin's Creed 3(for PC) up on my channel. The videos are will be roughly 25-30mins long each. I am running the game at ~25-30fps(fraps hard caps me at 30 while recording otherwise im at ~55-70)only small issue is some synching problems between the audio and the video during cut scenes(which I am not skipping). If you guys want to check it out here are the links to my youtube channel aswell as to the first video and playlist for the videos.

    If I am posting this in the wrong forum please let me know .
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    Thought I should let everyone know I intend on uploading 1-2 AC3 videos a day .
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    If you have a spare $200 lying around, rather than trying to use fraps, consider an Hauppauge PVR2 or Elgato Game Capture HD (or something else with HDMI input). The fact that the device does the video compression means your computer will seldom lose any frames and you shouldn't have any audio sync issues. You can also use the devices to record gameplay off consoles too, and not just PC games.

    For example (just a quick video I made comparing AC3 framerates of SLI vs non SLI):
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    If I could I would lol. A buddy of mine gave me his info for fraps.I work at a minimum wage job for seasonal and 99% of what i make goes to bills and stuff. Trying to grow my yt channel so i can afford stuff like a capture card and more expensive hardware. As for the synching issue It happens weather I am running fraps or not, think its due the my graphics card being slightly old and on the low end for the min requirements for AC3.If you know of any other program to record(thinking of trying my XSplit for the next videos) I will gladly try them . Also note I am using WMM for the conversions and what not thing I can get for free thats not a trial :P
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    Got more videos on the way! At Sequence 5(I think) and still going strong. Getting ~65-90FPS now, just changed my resolution...and almost no syncing issue now!. Also saving my files on my External Hard Drive(250gig storage) to the playlist
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    Can you tell me what you think of mine?
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    Seems well put together , however if you want to remove the fraps watermark from your videos and be able to record more then 30 seconds at a time you will have to buy fraos(its worth it imo). Other than that well put together and informative!
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    More AC3 coming up!(when I get the chance that is)
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    More AC3 goodness is up!
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    Got assassin's creed 3 videos being uploaded every Wednesday! or for the full AC3 playlist . Videos will be ~20-30minutes each and will have 1-2 new videos every Wednesday . Check it out!
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