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    Graphic problem. with heroes 6 might and magic

    Hi i need help with my heroes 6. I've got it from steam store.
    My problem is rendering i guess:
    -after launch map a lot of detail are loading in few sec (about 30)
    - sometime i've got black screen with music appear instead of battle
    - screen freezes while im moving map.
    I've got ndvia xtg 260 graphic card and intel core 2 duo 2.7ghz.
    I've changed lots of setting in game and graphic card and anything helps.
    Also i reinstalled it 3 times and nothing helps. I hope you know how to fix it.

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    Hi, I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support so they can troubleshoot with you

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    I dont think support will answer in 2 weeks or so./ Thats why im writting here because maybe other ppl had same problem.

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    usning nvidia? try uppdateing to the latest driver it has improved the game for me

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