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    Assassin's Creed III unable to install

    After a ridiculously long download time and a bunch of errors I'm now at my wits end with this game. After re-verifying the game for the best part of this afternoon the setup.exe still refuses to install. Something interesting caught my eye in the error log

    Error Code: -5011 : 0x8000ffff
    Error Information:
    >Kernel\ObjectWrapper.cpp (498)
    >Kernel\IScriptWrapper.cpp (80)
    >Kernel\ObjectWrapper.cpp (197)
    >Kernel\IScriptWrapper.cpp (80)
    >SetupNew\setup.cpp (488)
    PAPP:Assassin's Creed (R) III
    PVENDOR:Ubisoft (##ID_STRING202##)
    @Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (7601)
    IE Version: 9.0.8112.16421

    Why is it showing an old version of windows? Its presence on my system is literally impossible

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    Hi Krilick,

    Please make sure your Uplay PC client is up-to-date. You might want to try uninstalling and reinstalling Uplay PC by downloading the latest version from

    If this doesn’t help, please create a ticket to support by clicking on the “Ask a Question” tab on the top of the page at for installing your game.

    Alternatively, (if you dont want to wait) you may call them. You can find the Support Team in your region here:

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