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    Inauguration Trailer / Release Date

    *note: Just replacing the IGN exclusive with our own version of the trailer:

    IGN’s got the exclusive on our brand new trailer!
    You can check it out here:



    So what did you guys think? A lot to digest, I know. As for that key nugget at the end, here are some words from Senior Producer, Alex Parizeau:

    “We hope you enjoyed the new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer. You likely all noticed the launch date for the game – August 20th, 2013 in North America (August 22nd in Europe).

    We’ve said it before, but this truly is the biggest game in the series – it has a huge scope. We’ve created a massive amount of content across all the game modes, from single player, to co-op and multiplayer, and we feel strongly that the game will benefit from taking the time we need for polish. We all saw how that decision helped another great Ubisoft franchise this past year with Far Cry and we have the same high expectations for our title. Splinter Cell Blacklist will have full support for a for a wide variety of play styles from Ghost, to Panther, to Assault, combined with a completely universal economy system are intricate and require a high level of tweaking and balance. We’ve put a great deal of effort into creating this game, and we do it all for you, our fans.

    We’ve got big things planned for Splinter Cell over the next few months. 2013 is going to be a big year for Sam and 4th Echelon. And a huge thanks from our team at Ubisoft for all the support and excitement you show for our game.“
    So yeah, August 20 and 22 will be some pretty big days for Splinter Cell fans! I can tell you, from my perspective, just seeing how things have advanced over the last few months… I know that another few months will do huge things for the overall package of the game!

    I’d like to keep this thread dedicated to general discussion of the trailer as well as a place to house any comments or concerns regarding the release date.
    As always, I’ll address whatever I can.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think!
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    Awesome trailer...
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    Pure Awesomeness! and we also have a release date, I think we all expected a delay. the more polish, the better.

    So many things in there: rappel,snipers,inverted kills,ziplines! and i cant get enough of that suit!!
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    Nice trailer, bit too actiony though, never really cared about the release date anyways, but now that its out the way, lets get some gadgets and stealth shown! BTW thank you Zack
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    This is a great trailer!
    When Sam Takes out the guard while hanging upside down on the pipe looks great.
    Sam using the Zip-Line looks great..
    I'm trying to see who's with Sam around the 0.22 mark? Is that Isaac Briggs?
    Who is Sam rescuing?
    It's a bit to action oriented but everything else looks great.
    Thanks Zack!!
    BTW: It's a bit upsetting that the release date is August 20's but it's official and that's fine by me.

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    Wahou, awesome trailer ! So many stuff, so many moves, so many "so many" !!!
    Great to see Sam with grey hairs and come back of the "little scanner" from Double Agent and the final move !
    Thank you Zack and all the Ubi team.

    Release date is not a problem for me. The more important is to polish the game as better as possible and offer us the best experience. For me it's even a great news because Alex Parizeau is right, Far Cry 3 is a great game.
    And there will be a lot of big games this spring (above all GTA 5) so I guess that's a good choice !

    PS: Is it Kobin who is tortured at 1m00s ??
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    This was amazing!!! I like the combat move at the ending.
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    In the trailer I saw the "fast rope" that Zack was talking about, Sam grabbing an enemy from an overhanging pipe. I also thought I saw SNOW environments when Sam had the sniper. (Was he in Russia?)

    Well, a delay for August means probably more of a delay in MP info / screens / gameplay. But as long as it's for better polishing, I'm all for it. Can't wait. Thanks for the video Zack.

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    Can't wait to play with you guys on Coop, and SvM Classic and SvM Blacklist.
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    so uh... we got like 6 months till it's release, are we really gonna see devs tweaks something as fans has issues with them? (for example, Sam's 30yo young face, or maybe annoying lens flares?)
    We do have more than 100 keys on keyboard, the melee/action key design is a failure.

    ......and just because people runs fast, it doesn't mean they want to jump over obstacles and kick down a door.
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