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    Hi and welcome to the forums, have you opened a ticket with Technical Support?

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    You have too many friends, when that happens, the lobby freezes… you can go to the stats (in the lobby) very quickly if you manage, and delete the friends from there. You could also try to contact them, so they remove you… 15-20 people is the limit for most people, although it varies. Weird bug that was never fixed, but everyone seems to have found a workaround. A Russian dude was too lazy to fix the game by deleting friends and he ended up buying the game 3 times. He didn't mind haha, so apparently everyone's got their solution.

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    Unhappy Save Game Damaged


    Im trying to play this game on Story Mode, but every time I start a new one there's a message that says something like this "Save failed: The save file is damaged and may not be used". I already tried to delete the autosave from the documents folder, and even my entire profile folder, but nothig happens.

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    Sloppy handling

    I'm playing driver sf on the ps3, and I can't get this game to handle right. I've played gta iv and v and both handing is better than driver sf is! How can I fix this so that it handles like a dream?

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    Missing soundtrack

    I haven't played Driver:SF for a year, and today, I opened the game, continued my playing, skip songs to my favorite The Heavy band, and there,then, I realized many soundtracks missing!
    Now,everyband has only one song(compared to multiple songs before) for example, The Heavy had three songs,now,they have only one song: Big Bad Wolf, the other two are missing.
    I tried reinstalling and starting new game, it is persistent, still missing songs.

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    Crash at game startup

    Quote Originally Posted by SergiStark View Post
    hello? I have a HUGE problem. I can't get this game work. Once I install it from steam, I launch it and game simply crushes. here's what windows says. From what i've read, a lot of people have the same problem and no solution found yet. What should i do? :<
    Hi Sergistark I have got exactly the same problem under MACOSX.11.4…

    Did you got any feedback on the matter?


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