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    Third Multiplayer Event: Deadly Shadows [UPDATED 02/01]

    "War engendered misery, and with misery came thieves and murderers.
    When the shadows become the only place to live, only one rule remains: to kill or be killed.
    Stride along the bleak alleys and appear suddenly from the darkness to fight for your life! "

    Play with the shadows to maximize your Incognito kills in our 3rd multiplayer event, with new night maps, starting January 2nd!

    You will have to perform a total of 110,500 Incognito kills to unlock the community reward.

    Rewards: Community reward are the new Night Maps
    Individual reward is a new relic to wear proudly during all your games.
    Participation reward is a special title to thank you for taking part in the effort.


    As described in this announcement, this event was scheduled to start today, January 2nd, but, due to a technical problem, was available to play earlier on. Therefore, progress towards the community goal was not taken into account until today but is now working as intended.

    However be sure that participation and individual rewards have been granted to people who reached these objectives, even if they did it before the scheduled start of the event.

    Also, please know that all events costume (Warrior costumes, one available per character) are now available for purchase (in Abstergo or Erudito credits) for the entire duration of the event.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and wish you luck to unlock night maps once and for good!


    Now for a brief explanation on how events will work in Assassin’s Creed 3.

    1. The important thing to know is that there are only access two ways to access the event. Either by selecting “Events” in the main menu, or by creating a ""Custom Match"" and selecting the Event as ""Game Category"". Whatever you will be doing in the other modes won’t be taken into account towards progression for event objectives.

    2. There are three challenges to achieve for each event. Obviously, they vary from one event to the other. Each of these challenges will give you a very special reward… if you manage to accomplish their objectives.

    Participation Challenge: the only condition for this is to participate in the event at any point before it ends. (Yes, you will be rewarded for this.)
    Individual Challenge: this challenge requires *you* to accomplish a certain objective. And obviously, the reward for that one is more interesting than the reward for the Participation Challenge.
    Community Challenge: this challenge requires a massive effort on behalf of the community to unlock the reward – and that one is a very special one. Once community reaches the goal, the community reward is unlocked for everybody.

    Note that it is possible that some events last a bit longer after community has reached their objective to allow for players who didn't get to play during the event to get the participation and individual rewards.

    3. During events, you will see that very special costumes are available for purchase: the Warrior costumes. Each character has one, and they can only be purchased while the event lasts. Once the event is over, you do keep all costumes you've bought though. You can preview the costumes under "Customization".
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    New night maps sounds cool That's a awesome event...

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    I can smell the OSB and Contested Kills already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoseLaddie View Post
    I can smell the OSB and Contested Kills already.
    Sthap you're making me die of laughter.

    And at the same time of the reality called Life.

    Yes all you will see is Contested Kill & OSB.

    Welcome to Contestedkillmatch. Honorable Deathmatch, Chasekillmatch, Animushackmatch, OSBmatch, Pistolmatch & Ragematch.....Same thing regardless the name.

    And nice, finally a variation to the very few maps we have.

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    And what costumes there will be? It will be like Silent Shadow with a hood? And how much it will be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoseLaddie View Post
    I can smell the OSB and Contested Kills already.
    Your optimism is overwhelming my dear friend.

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    This sounds fun

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    Amazing. Well done team on building appetite with this game, terrific job. I'm really encouraged by how you've paced the schedule so far, and hadn't even expected to see the night versions released all at once! That means more new content to come in the new year.

    Really hope you can keep this up, Events are fantastic for loyalty, and with the player base just pipping 1.5M the other day there's a lot of us to keep coming back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurimas8x View Post
    And what costumes there will be? It will be like Silent Shadow with a hood? And how much it will be?
    4,5k Abstergo Credits.

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    How long is this event? I can only play on the 6th.. Will I miss it? :/

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