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    Homestead mission problems on AC3 (PS3)

    Hi! I'm having problems with some Homestead missions not triggering on my game, I already beat the main campaign and completed a lot of other missions (Hunting, Liberation of NY and Boston, Almanac Pages, etc...), I have a completion of 82% according with my save but I can't find the missions to unlock the Blacksmith, Doctor and Priest on my Homestead, I read on another guides but the missions doesn't appear on my map, what I need to do to make the missions "Deserter" (First one of the Blacksmith), "Happy Expectations" (First one to get the Doctor) and "Finding His Flock" (First one of the Priest) appear? The only mission that I didn't do of the Homestead ones was "Encyclopedia of the Common Man" (Achilles) because a lot of people report that this mission has some sort of glitch and I will let this mission to the end....

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    I have the same issue on XBOX (no more missions appearing) but I am even less far in the homestead sequence than you are. I just completed "The Fight" and the next one is "A room at the inn" and it is not appearing. I'm beginning to think you have to advance other quest lines to make them come up but that doesn't make any sense.
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