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    Far Cry 3 Not Saving My Game!


    I've had a look around the internet and found that a lot of people have this issue;

    I've just bought the game and it won't save past the part where Dennis saves you from the river (at the very beginning).

    Does anyone have a fix for this? Or is Ubisoft actually going to fix it (you know, 4 updates later etc and still no fix)?


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    I have the same exact problem. I got the game early for Christmas and I played yesterday for 8 hours and manually saved the game about 10-12 times. I started the game and selected continue and I am now so far behind where I was yesterday. This is total BS for a PC game that can't save correctly. I mean, who the hell is behind the QA testing on this should have know by now that this is an issue. I'm totally pissed. A full day of progress is all gone.

    I'd think someone at Ubisoft would rush a hot fix for this before people start posting this problem on retail sites like and all the other game sites like Steam, etc. You can count me in on that action if this issue isn't corrected very fast...and by the way Ubisoft...Merry Christmas to you too!!!

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    Anybody have a fix yet? I've been waiting on Ubisoft support for almost a week... They're useless...

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    Bloody Great, 59th Birthday present that won't save, I am probably luckier than some of u as I get as far as Dennis showing me how to Craft.

    Start the game up again and find I have to start the 1st mission again, even though I see it saying, saving content, it bloody does not, my dear wife paid $99.00 for this, i am absolutely peed off!

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