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    AC3, AC2 and AC1

    AC3 was my 1st AC game I've played...the reason I looked into it and bought it was cause of the advertisement that made the game look so great, anyway I thought it was great had no problems with the bugs that were complained about on here just minor ones that didn't break the game for me like the annoyance of the notification of weapons, shard of eden ect but that was fixed lol only problem I had/have was that for some reason I'm short 2 special iron ingots and can't make the last 2 guns I'm missing!! That's not here nor there so with that said I think I read on here that xbox live had a sale of all AC games so I bought AC1 and 2. AC1 was borderline wack if it wasn't for the great story and dialogue. The gameplay was way too repetitive and who's idea was it to make us run around looking for 400+ flags lol. AC2 on the other hand was great, now I understand why everyone loves Ezio so much. all in alll my assessment of them are...AC1 was a rough draft and AC2 was the blueprint.
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    thumbs up to Ubisoft tho I'm surprised I didn't catch on to the series sooner even tho I do remember the advertisement for AC2 and remember the side mission in GTAIV Assassin's Greed

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    Have you played Brotherhood and Revelations yet?

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    no I haven't... I doubt I'm going to cuz they don't have the sale going on anymore lol and that's just way to many games to play...I'll youtube it tho

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    No! You have to play Brotherhood and Revelations! Don't watch them on Youtube, They're so good!

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    AC1 was my first loved it, had a choice to make right in store it was that or NHL 08 i think. Probably wouldn't be here right now if I didn't buy it that day, then the other 3 followed after then now AC3.... AC1 I hardly really remember the story been a long time since I played, might have to boot it up again soon once I get 100% on AC3. But I have to say AC3 is my favourite, I feel more attached to Connor then I ever did the other two. He reminds me of myself in a way I guess personality wise. The way Connor fights is a lot more brutal but in a good way, the finishers with every weapon are all different. (Ever seen assassinations and finishers with the bayonet rifle...insane!!!) Also I am 1/4 native american. The story in AC3 all the big character names I know about from history class just gives the game that much more intensity.

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    AC1 I didn't really like the combat and the climbing felt unresponsive but man the story was nice I just didn't like how after completing every section of a city you get sent back to the beginning to travel all the way back to another city. It felt like a chore and not a game, then every city you basically were doing the same missions with different dialogue. I did like how the animation was when you had to interact with something then in AC2 it was similar to the health bars when you interacted with something like chests etc. AC2 was great and the combat was fun and it didn't seem outdated. After playing AC1 and 2 I don't understand why they just randomly put the assassination contracts on AC3... they should have had them do the release of the pigeons cuz that was basically tradition...

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    I do want to play ACB tho... it got allot of praise not so much for ACR

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    Interesting to see the perspective from someone who played AC3 as their first AC game. I think AC1 is a hard game to play after you've played more recent games because the mission structure has been improved upon so much. The story and setting are still some of the best from the series though. I agree there's a nice progression from AC1 to AC2 to AC3. That's what kind of made me annoyed at ACB and more so ACR. Instead of progressing the series it just kind of stayed the same. I'd say AC2 is the best in the series instead of AC3 but still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoLo217 View Post
    I do want to play ACB tho... it got allot of praise not so much for ACR
    If you get the chance get ACR 'tis a great game better then ACB in almost every way IMO the story is heaps better.

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