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    Bugs not fixed in holiday patch

    Reading the release notes, it seems that that many reported bugs are not fixed yet:

    - last assassin recruit won't reach 100% (not mentioned in the release notes)
    - stuck pivots (apparently not fixed yet).
    - ledger problem in sequence 5 (not mentioned in the release notes)
    - convoy stuck under attack (not mentioned in the release notes)

    So I haven't even downloaded this patch yet and I am already waiting for the next one...

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    Doesn't fix the Frontiersman mission that is glitched on me either.... Can't get the "UFO" because it doesn't exist, but mission is already active.

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    Junior Member Arkeon1985's Avatar
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    - almanacs stuck at 89% after collecting them all (preventing 100% completion)

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    so Patch is for PC users too....???

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    Assassination Contracts and Delivery Requests both stuck at 66%

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    Convoy issue is massive and yeah, still hasn't been fixed.

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    I am still at 0% on delivery missions and one of my assassin's is not showing 100% in even though he is level 11. I have sent multiple emails to Ubisoft as I can't get the platinum trophy unless I did a whole other play through. I really do not want to do this after investing over 60 hours in the game. Here is the reply I got this week:

    Thank you for reporting this issue. This problem is currently under investigation by the development team. When any additional information becomes available, it will be made available in the game's forums at and our FAQ. Unfortunately, I have not information on when this update will arrive or if it will address this certain issue for you at this time. Contact me again if you have any more questions.

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    Still unable to trigger all conversations with GW. Or the conversations have been triggered before being set as a challenge by the Frontiersman (tier 2), and therefore will not work.

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    doens't fix the music missing bug with DLC

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    Post Deliver requests & Convoy being attacked bug !

    I can confirm that the Convoy issue & the deliver requests is still bugged as hell, so not letting to get the last achievements or 100 %. I hope they are listening and a new patch will come up as it is still early days for AC III especially on PC non-the-less ! But from the patch 1.02 several issues were resolved and one being the fast travel showing up in Lexington near the store ! so a job well done !!

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