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    Quote Originally Posted by JedMosley81 View Post
    I thought maybe you guys missed this from earlier today. A console patch is in the works and to be released soon
    Really not good enough at this point, ubisoft is really showing their hand here, is it a bad thing im surprised by my ability to still be surprised by bad customer service. Lil f****d up now so ill keep this short but i wish everyone would really think about the implications of having released such a broken/unfinished product. Figured id play a few matches before bed so i get into a match and Ohh look at this alll my loadouts are gone......look at these boards, its been 2 months since the release so just saying that a patch is right around the corner is not good enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC-350Z View Post
    Ubisoft...FarCry 2 was one of the best gaming expieriences I have ever had (I am 31, been gaming a while). The map making community was amazing, and built a fan base that supported you. Yes we as fans sometimes have rediculous requests, and spit childish criticism...but why did you guys spend so much time making an amazing editor when it has absolutely zero gratification on our end to play? The lobby system is completely worthless. It is not that hard to fix. When I make maps I spend weeks detailing them out and testing them, for what? A private match for 3 of my online friends to join? I know your initial response may be to "get more friends", but I am pretty much maxed out, mosty with FC2 players who did not play FC3 for more than a day. Also I would have more friends that played on custom maps if there were some way to send a friend request quickly from the lobby screen. I have to back out and type the name in, some people have really long or elaborate names that makes that annoying. Although having vehicles, animals, and placable weapons would be great, all I (and many many more) Customers are asking for is a workable lobby. Setting up a public lobby and having it take off and rotate through all of my maps was an amazing experience.

    Ubi I sincerely hope you are paying attention to your Customers.
    Please fix the lobby and make a way to quickly add friends or see usernames in the "players met" screen.
    While you're in there please bring back auto-snap and snap function, for fences and such. And there is a bug when switching back and forth through the "select" and "multiselect" objects. Also the low object count per grid square is obnoxious.

    Hopefully you guys are listening, gaming websites can give you the highest of ratings...but they get the games for free. Its us who pays for the games, and our opinion that should matter.
    ^^ I agree 100 % with this ...... When I do get on a really good map you don't even know who made it LOL I personally never made maps , but I enjoyed HOSTING! them. They need to give the power back to the people, so we could set up our own List of maps. Set our own rules, AND! have an option to switch on whatever side we choose. We should have the option to choose what GAMEMODE! we want to play in. You can choose in Rank!!! why not Custom Matches? I want to be able to host a public match with in-game joining . I believe I speak for many , and that is WE! want to host the way WE! want. WE! want to host with our own match rules. You guys at Massive really do need to listen to the FarCry Community ...

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    Co-op is really bugging out like crazy. Every headshot is a "K-9 Killer", every battlecry is a "massive Kill", last shot = "triple kill" and basically everything is messed up. I actually somehow ended with a score of 726530 EXP. Obviously I didn't get that EXP, but how did that number even get there? Might be a server problem because I have no idea WTF is going on.

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    Everytime I try the online or co-op I got some new bug or glitch, officialy quit the game now. 1 fan less.

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    Looks like there's a console patch in the works!

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    Please add vehicles for multiplayer! I don't really care about the xp/rank system, I just want to have some fun driving around in vehciles messing around with friends and strangers on crazy maps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catch22rf View Post
    Looks like there's a console patch in the works!
    Any proof of this?

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    the unlimited grenade, moltov, gl round, flare gun rounds, etc bug/hack or whatever. DONT FIX THIS. fricking chaotic awesomeness is what it is. but you dummies can fix the bug that seems to give all my points and kills to the other team and i get 0 or, knowing ubi products, i get negative points. woohoo party time

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    Ubi ur game does really does need work, and until you fix this i will keep recommending other games to other people who ask me untill you fix this excuse for a game. Why was released in the first place, like what the hell.

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    Gun xp reset?

    Every time I play i have the same problem my guns get reset to what they were before the game started.
    This creates the MP a grind as I had to play 17 games to lvl up my gun from 8 to 9.
    I would get the unlocks and lvl up but once the game finished I might as well of shot the floor for the nil point I was rewarded with.

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