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    How convert XBT to DDS and DDS to XBT with Gibbed Dunia 2 Tools GUI by Haoose

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    Quote Originally Posted by wootwoots View Post
    yep, but the problem with that is too convert back the DDS to a XBT. and the Robmaister.FC2.xbtConverter dont have that
    There is the hexEdit way, but i just wanted something more automatic ^^

    And it look like the DDS > XBT with the Gibbed dont actualy work
    But thanks for the info !.
    IC well that hex way is really easy, only one little line to copy and paste before DDS, you save it with that and rename your dds to xbt, conversion done. good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusLee2012 View Post
    Fair answer BUT there is this issue: if it were you really being there, you would have far more fidelity with your senses: hearing, sight, peripherals and (using that fictional enhanced perception) smell. In a video game we lose fidelity and it should be made up for; usually as visual cues. ArmA (the highly realistic military shooter) does this, it has peripheral dots on the side of the screen to make up for lost fidelity along with other visual cues. These extra cues also help boost your perception level up to what the character is experiencing, be that a trained solider or Jason. they are usually a few steps above the norm with their skills; you, however, are not. The visual cues help boost you up to the level of skill that your charcter is meant to be at.
    Or you can train your own senses to be able to play the game better. The game lets you adjust your peripheral vision, is more than adequate in terms of generating sound effects to identify target locations, included numerous easily identifiable character models. You even have the immersion breaking syringes should you choose to use them. Besides the point, Jason is a bratty, loves to skydive college-grad moron. He clearly shouldn't even know how to HOLD a gun, let alone sense a commander 200 yards away with his nose. In fact, I bet he's sitting there wondering why on earth he's capable of tagging soldiers like in COD.

    He's a noob. We're all noobs. The game is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry.D.Case View Post
    Ok so the

    <object name="BulletSpread_ironSight">
    <field name="fBaseSpread" type="Float32">0.375</field>
    <field name="fMaxBulletSpread" type="Float32">1</field>

    Values have been changed but it doesn't seems to work. In the Shop menu : the Accuracy is still the same :/ Does the shop menu info about weapons update automatically or not?
    this doesn't look like it got answered. the stats on the shop page have NOTHING to do with the stats of the weapon. these are separate values that are defined based on the properties of each weapon. they can be changed to whatever you want in the shoppingitems.lib file. you'll have to base whether or not that value changed anything by actually testing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jketiynu View Post
    Just curious but what files are you seeing these in (unpacked from which .fat/.dat too)?
    It was in patch.dat Didn't unpack it actually. Just made a quick look trough the hexeditor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusLee2012 View Post
    on a unrelated note: Scopes. Been looking through the files a bit, trying to find a way to increase the zoom. fields like "fIronsightNearFOVDegrees" and "fIronsightFOVDegrees" intrigue me. On any non scoped weapon this is set around 65 and 75 respectively. But for scoped weapons (in the game files all scoped weapons can use the Hi-power - the attachment mod proves this) they are set to around 11 and 30 respectively. The 30 (half non scoped) might seem about right for the low magnification and 11 (which is over half of 30) *could* be the setting for the larger hi-powered magnification...

    Does anybody have any knowledge that puts this to bed before I spend hours figuring out how to edit and test this out?
    You'll want to use the FOV variables as opposed to the NearFOV variables. Near FOV refers to the weapon model. In terms of the numbers, a lower number will give you more zoom. I haven't messed with scope zoom factors much yet, but there are some fov settings under 'marksman' and 'ironsight.' judging by the numbers, the ironsight section might be the way to go for the sniper rifles.

    'Ironsight' doesn't seem to have any effect on the attachments of other weapons, so I'm wondering if it treats the default sniper scope like an ironsight, and the rest like attachments.

    I hope that was helpful and not just a confusing mess of word vomit. I have been awake far too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wootwoots View Post
    yep, but the problem with that is too convert back the DDS to a XBT. and the Robmaister.FC2.xbtConverter dont have that
    There is the hexEdit way, but i just wanted something more automatic ^^

    And it look like the DDS > XBT with the Gibbed dont actualy work
    But thanks for the info !

    So far,
    FOVDegree will affect the zoom stage
    NearFovDegree will affect the "distance" between the weapon / scope model and the camera

    I didnt tested that with FarCry3, but its working like that with Crysis2, and i guess for all FPS.
    HUmm sooo as long as the hi-power is a multiplication factor deep in the uncharted _UNKNOWN then modifing the FOVdegree will allow better zoom.

    I wanna add this on top of the realistic weapon data mod, it gives rifles more range but you wont be able to see your target without better scopes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshwar99 View Post
    What is wrong with you? I don't understand all of you people trying to hard-core the game... The game is a method of entertainment and meant to be FUN If the game is too taxing on the mind and body and is very stressful to play... Then what's the point?
    People like you make me laugh! We can do as we **** well please... why? Because these are mods that you DON'T need to download, that's why. Nothing is wrong with us, a lot of people just want to have a more immersive experience. If it's too taxing on the mind and body... well that's our choice, isn't it? Your judgment here is silly and definitely doesn't belong in this thread. Just stick to your default experience and let us enjoy ours, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by joshwar99 View Post
    If you want a sense of achievement, go out and learn a skill or get a job or meet someone new...
    Says the guy on a game forum.

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    So here's my fix for wallhacks

    Alternatively, you can search for "CTaggingComponent" in your .dll and change the value for "C" to 00. Same effect but the first one doesn't change the .dll.

    It's the player folder inside entitylibrary.fcb. Basically, I changed "fTaggingRange" in each PawnPlayer file from 300 to 0. No more tagging. No more .dll hacks either. No more intermittent wallhacking, although syringes still work. Enjoy!

    Oh and only use this if you want things to be hardcore (no tagging of commanders).

    Also, guess I'll bump my earlier post in case anyone who's interested didn't see it - This file will unlock all weapons from the beginning but the top tier weapons are all at least $6000 and other prices have been tweaked as well (low tiers are quite cheap). It's a better, less heavy-handed version of my original +70% to prices. Some are less, others even more.
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    For anyone making weapon modifications you may want to wait as Gibbed said he might be releasing an updated version of his Attachments mod (I don't know what it features besides pegs attachment for bow and silencers for shotguns).

    As for the no tagging, good work karmakgb. It's a shame we can't separate out the Commander though or maybe just find a new system to identify them (I forget, do they visually look any different in the game?)

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