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    Far Cry 3 Map Editor, Some Features Gone?

    In the Far Cry 3 map editor there are some features missing, like the fences auto snapping into place, or bridge segments automatically lining up. There used to be a magnet tool and rotate by degrees feature too. Have these been removed from the game? They were very valuable in Far Cry 2, and it makes map making significantly harder without them!

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    I agree the main feature that set Far Cry 2 leagues apart from the others, was the "Snap tool", if used right, it made maps amazing. Without this tool, i believe the editor to be broken, and a huge step backwards, there was absolutely no reason to take away an amazing tool. hopefully they add this amazing feature back.
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    Me and my brother were confusing about the snap tool for the fences, actually i thought it's their but with different buttons or something

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    Yeah like Longridir said the snap tools was a true editors friend. I'm finding just aligning fences to be an unnecessary pain in the butt. Before it was just snap and forget you want it at an angle? You had options even to snap and then tweak to the way you want it. No its just free hand which could make maps look a little messy. Unlike in FC3 when was easier to make things into spheres or cylinders by snapping and copying a certain selection of items. So UBISoft where are my snap tools & degree options? Please explain.

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    Welcome to the world of time constraints from publishers. They cut out the little stuff and don't realize the impact. It all adds up. FC2 is looking really good right now

    No more floating airplanes or tunnels or giant spheres to drive cars around in no more roller coasters or toilet bowls

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    Ive already switched back to FC2 for map editing and online multiplayer. For me the online experience with FC2 is way more fun and even with all the new stuff for FC3 I feel I can create more with what FC2's map editor. I just dont feel as creative using the FC3 map editor.

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    agreed far cry 2s multiplayer and map edtior are more fun. snap tool was so handy as well as vehicles and turrets I do hope UBI listen if not I gues we could just flood there twitter and facebook with angry messages.

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    You guys are crazy. FC2's core engine sucked so bad, not sure how you could enjoy it. I'd take a slightly hindered(yet improved upon still) map editor with good MP over terrible MP and a few more features in the editor. Who cares if you can make maps easier if playing on them is terrible because of the slow, clunky, and poorly set up engine? Aim acceleration and slow movement that made you feel like you were carrying a 200lb rucksack killed MP in FC2 for me.

    I do agree that the snap feature was nice to have, but I can see why they took it out. There's tons of objects to "snap to" in this editor, so going through them all and setting it up so they all interact and snap properly would be a huge pain in the ***. That's likely the core reason they didn't do it this time around. I notice it was missing yesterday also when it took me like 30 minutes to put a fence around my level accurately(over hills and such also) when before it would have took 10 minutes at most.

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