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Thread: AC3 DLC Has Reset My Game! HELP! | Forums

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    I'm really scared to download it now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightpex View Post
    I'm really scared to download it now..
    On PS3 i suggest Download the new DLC direct from PS3 menu & Store (not the ingame option)

    Then DELETE GAME DATA & Re-install game disc + 1.02 update & redownload EVERY DLC You have - then Start your game - This method often helps avoid many glitches caused by DLC additions .
    It's what i intend to do (i'm also PS3 & 100% complete & don't wanna screw my save file up)

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    I've installed it and it worked fine, didnt affect my save, only problem is that everytime you start up the game it prompts you that you have unlocked the stuff...

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    Argh! Same thing has happened to me. I was only on Sequence 10 so I can't even just pick up and move on, if I want to see the last 3 sequences I'll have to re-start from the beginning.

    It looked like what happened was that when the DLC finished downloading, it warped me back to Sequence 1 and then autosaved. I'm not holding out a lot of hope they can fix this in a patch, but maybe...

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    They may not have an immediate fix for you but please make sure you do contact Ubisoft Support.

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    No problems on XB last night. Downloaded it from the in game store without issue. All the things were where they were supposed to be in game. Didn't play any of them but messed with the Red Coat customization as she was the character I was waiting for. My 100% save is fine.

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    This DLC has also erased my game save which i am not happy about, thankfully i was already at 100% and obtained all achievements but this is just taking the mess. I hope i don't have to replay to a certain sequence to be able to play any future DLC, sort it out UBI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AT ONE SIR View Post
    I'm going to get through sequence 6 and see where that gets me. this is just a huge bummer. Basically, everything is 100 except the main missions and I cant get the DLC. Lots of inconsistencies in the side challenges icons still showing up, as well as outfits, etc. I put on his buddy's outfit, and now I'm stuck with it. Can't even wear Connor's base outfit.

    Broken game. Loved it so much, until now. Pretty pissed.
    Check your save game data on your hard drive, i have the same problem but the game says i now have two saves on my hard drive. 1 saying 1A and the other saying 1B so i am hoping the 1A is my main save game and this 1B is the one that has just been created due to this stupid bug. Can anyone who hasn't had this done to them yet on Xbox360 confirm there is only 1 save file on your hard drive and is called 1A?

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    this is just another thing to proove what i had said a couple months back, UBIsoft's quality control has gone out the windows a long time back. the most F'd part about this season pass dlc is that it was all from pre-order bonusses. which really makes me wonder why they even offer pre-order bonus on anything now a days since they will always try and screw you out of more morney later anyways?

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    Looks like I was spared from whatever is happening to some people. Wish **** like this never happened to anyone.

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