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    AC: Black Flag - Crashes in ship battle

    I have recently started having an issue with Blag Flag crashing whenever I go into a ship battle, as soon as I bring up the aim on either the side or front shot the game locks up, to the point I can't even close it, I have to log off of the pc entirely. Anyone else having this issue or seen it before? I've attempted to verify the files within the Uplay program, I also uninstalled and re-installed it completely and no change. It was working fine up until a couple weeks ago. Very frustrating!
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    Try turning on volumetric fog. Usually it fixes the issue.
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    Thanks for the suggestion Ommicrone, but no luck.. same issue.
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    Have you verified the game files? If yes, This issue may be caused by a corrupted save file. Back up the existing save files and start a new game, Just to see whether it fixes the issue.
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    Hi, i have the same problem.

    when i click right for aiming, my whole system crash with a blue screen.

    1. i set the eyefinity back to one screen
    2. repairing the game data
    3. uninstall and install the whole game new

    the same problem every time. =(
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    Hey all --

    If you have not already, please do contact our Support team:

    The more visibility we have on this, the faster we can come up with a solution.
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