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    i managed to log in for a couple seconds,then everything i clicked returned "connectivity issues,try again" and then now the site is again under mantainance
    good job ubi,just like that abandoned facebook app to unlock points for AC

    this is the last time i legitimately buy a ubisoft game
    oh and BTW UPLAY is a piece of crapware,go on steam with built in support,not a "turn on 2 clients to play this" crap

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    Anyone know how to unlock the 2 decoder?

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    how unlock the decored on far cry 3

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    ok thnx

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    yes, how to get decoder number two?

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    This @^#$ eats my all mods for weapons!

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    I <3 Far Cry 3

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    Me too? >=(

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    I just used the Far Cry Outpost site to do unlock and use Decoder 2. I waited to get my results, and I hit accept. When I click on "Loadouts" to use my mod that I unlocked, it takes me back to the login screen! It's like the site timed out while I left it to decode. When I log back in, I don't have my mod that I just decoded, and my data source is gone. The site "ate" my data source THREE times, so I missed out on a mod for the assault rifle I like. What the hell, man?!?

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