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    Trying to patch my far cry 3.

    When i try to patch it, a window pops up and says Could not retrieve version number! installation will be aborted. How can i fix that?

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    it is possible it is alread applied if you have logged out of Uplay [to check this go to game directory Far Cry 3\Support\Readme and open Readme.txt [Far Cry® 3 v1.01]

    Patch 1.01 for Far Cry 3 on PC is a critical update that needs to be installed
    in order to benefit from an optimal game experience. The install is
    automatically triggered upon Uplay PC client restart or installation
    . If your
    Far Cry 3 PC game crashes upon launch, please restart the Uplay PC client and
    try again.

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    hi having same issue, checked my readme.txt and it says im on version 1.05 although as far as im aware v1.05 isnt available yet?

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    Get the same thing. My ReadMe is saying 1.05 as well. Can't install the recently released DLC.


    Seems it was already installed. If you have the Jailbreak and Redemption co-op campaigns, then you have HIGH TIDE dlc.
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    Hi, I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.

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    Exclamation I am having the same issue

    I installed the game in a different directory because i didn't want the game to eat the ssd drive. is there anyway i can patch the patch to look at my e drive as opposed to my c: drive, or is there a registry entry that needs to get created?

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    Its easy to fix it farcry3registryfixer.exe in Vulacn Tool v.0.3.4.rar
    3.enter your ubisoft game launcher and far cry 3 directory "Show Advanced"
    5.enter your version you want to update and done

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