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    Second Multiplayer Event: Reinforcement

    Get ready for our second Multiplayer event, to start November 30th : Reinforcement!

    "In these troubled times, every detail counts, and 1 person can make all the difference when fighting for the rights of all.
    With new forces in the battlefield, come new challenges and new wars.
    Stand your ground and capture a total of 405 000 territories to complete the event."

    Now for a brief explanation on how events will work in Assassin’s Creed 3.

    1. The important thing to know is that there are only access two ways to access the event. Either by selecting “Events” in the main menu, or by creating a "Custom Match" and selecting the Event as "Game Category". Whatever you will be doing in the other modes won’t be taken into account towards progression for event objectives.

    2. There are three challenges to achieve for each event. Obviously, they vary from one event to the other. Each of these challenges will give you a very special reward… if you manage to accomplish their objectives.

    • Participation Challenge: the only condition for this is to participate in the event at any point before it ends. (Yes, you will be rewarded for this.)
      » Participation reward this time is a special title to thank you for taking part in the effort.
    • Individual Challenge: this challenge requires *you* to accomplish a certain objective. And obviously, the reward for that one is more interesting than the reward for the Participation Challenge.
      » Individual reward this time is a new relic to wear proudly during all your games.
    • Community Challenge: this challenge requires a massive effort on behalf of the community to unlock the reward – and that one is a very special one. Once community reaches the goal, the community reward is unlocked for everybody.
      » Community reward this time is the hacked version of the Herne + video. Discover what Abstergo was trying to hide from you!

    Note that it is possible that some events last a bit longer after community has reached their objective to allow for players who didn't get to play during the event to get the participation and individual rewards.

    3. During events, you will see that very special costumes are available for purchase: the Warrior costumes. Each character has one, and they can only be purchased while the event lasts. Once the event is over, you do keep all costumes you've bought though. You can preview the costumes under "Customization" but we also included sneak peeks below.

    Event costumes preview

    Default characters

    Unlockable characters

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    Same costumes as last time??

    Ok I guess...but was still hoping for some new things to buy

    Anyway, cool to have a new event! Looking forward to it
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    I'd love to participate in this. Oh wait.. I can't join most multiplayer matches and if I am able to join, I'll get disconnected once every ten minutes.. Seriously, Ubisoft has time for this crap but won't fix the mp or help those with problems? Support hasn't answered yet either, but I doubt they will be of any good.

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    Here's me thinking there was gunna be a new Pioneer costume x.x Anyways, Very interesting indeed!

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    Some kind of domination event. Also I'm disappointed that the community unlock is just another video again. Oh well. I presume these are the last time the Warrior costumes will be appearing? Unless the warrior costumes are the theme outfit for each event, but I'd like to see something new.

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    When will the Deacon costume be available for the Preacher. Please only make it cost 5 000 and not 20 000.

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    Aww, I actually thought this time I could buy the Courtesan costume in this event. Well, same prices as last time, just a different version of it.

    Anyway, still looking forward for this event. Keep 'em up.

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    So is 50 Billion kills the community challenge?

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    May have to snag the Hessian and Silent Shadow this time around guess i better start saving up.

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