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    AC3,why it's just an upgraded ACR

    I know that a lot of people like AC3,but some people are also disapointed.I Will explain why AC3 is just ACR 2.0 with diferent characters,diferent maps and diferent abilities.
    First,the murged stun and kill button doesn't change the gameplay at all,Mainly because even for a n00b it is very easy to see the diference Between an npc and a player.To be honest it's just a pain in the *** cause when you have pursuer and a target close to you,you can't chose who Will you interact with 1st.Besides,n00bs don't even need to know if you are a target or pursuer,as soon as you see a player you just have to smash square.
    The stun range is the same as ACR stun range which is stupid cause hunters should have the advantage period
    The detection meter sucks.a perfect kill should consist in killing your target by saying in his LOS as less as possible to kill him be4 he is able to understand what happened but in AC3 you have to stalk your target like a ******
    The kill streaks are completly broken.Stuns should not count for streaks.And for 7streaks 550 stun counts a discreet kill doesn't,So stuns count for KILL streaks in the assassin's game but KILLS doesn't.GENIUS
    I know that the Animus Hack is going to be patched,but it's the most overpowered **** that I have ever seen in Any game,I don't know how CAN ubi team be dumb enough to put something So OP I mean
    =4300 and you kill every1 for 6silent while 5silent is 550 lol
    New abilities sucks and mute is gone -_-
    Glimmer:it makes you more obvious cause it's far away from invinsible.It could work in a snow map in a snow storm
    Poison dart:**** range,long cooldown,need to charg and all this for 250
    Disruption:very uselles cause you CAN still stun or kill and lol at the animation when you are disrupted
    Shield:you go through smoke and other abilities for a **** kill.At one point it's like a gun since it automaticly gives you a **** kill!
    and **** abilities that came back
    Bodygard:who is ****ed enough to create an ability that automaticly stuns pursuers?
    The gun:it's obviously ****
    Poisonoison sucks in this game,you Will always get stuned after you poisoned your asa poison is So Awesome that you CAN be killed by the player you have just poisoned
    The new modes are not that good
    Domination:it's ok but it's far from being a new concept,it exists in every FPS
    Wolfpack:1st time I Played it I lost at 21/25 So it is really easy -_- and very boring
    Alliance and escort are not back because this game modes were too hard,they prefered to bring Simple DM and AA -_- Alliance was a great mode but just because n00b complained about stun Locking it's dead.And it Will NEVER be back except if 1 day som1 smart becomes the multi director.
    AC3 asa is almost like ACR asa it only consists in baiting players to stun them,and getting **** kills all over the place when you don't have abilities.
    Perks sucks but I am not going to talk about all of them,I am just going to say F.U..C.K.Wall runner is not back -___-
    So sorry for those who like AC3 but it's the same mechanics as ACR and the same gameplay for all game modes,ACR maps were even better since we had Rome,siena and Venice.Abilities and streaks are jokes.So this game is broken,I wish it NEVER came out So ACB would not be dead
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    not sure if troll or doesn`t know how to play...
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    Reading this, you've clearly not played Revelations Multiplayer for any good period of time because some of the things you mentioned have been the same since...always, or at least since Revelations. Then the rest of your post is just complaining at literally anything because the game offers a bit of variety and takes some degree of skill to use right. Bit hypocritical of you to ignore all the different abilities available for being useless, then whine about Animus Hack being overpowered, no mention of smoke bomb either.

    If the abilities/perks/streak bother you that much, then play simple deathmatch.
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    I think it's very close to the truth ACR decended into/and this game highly rewards smoke stun baiting, yep running around like headless chickens dropping smoke.
    And I agree with the thougths on most of the new abilities, they're rubbish infact the game is rubbish and an enormous let down I've never actually been bored by a game before
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    I have Played brotherhood for 2 years but I have Played revelations only 2 dayz,in 2 dayz I realised revelations sucks.AC3 is a bit better then revelations though
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    It's not troll and I know how to play,it's just truth
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    Originally Posted by LeVis69LaTrIcK Go to original post
    It's not troll and I know how to play,it's just truth
    You had a point at animus hack score, but it's been patched already so nothing to complain about there.
    Now, admittedly the merging of the stun and kill is not the BEST solution to the problem they were addressing, but it did change gameplay dramatically because of the removal of the stun prompt, so don't EVEN try and tell me it hasn't changed gameplay. Also, stun range is certainly not greater than kill range, and since stun vs. kill always ends up in a kill, you really can't argue that stun is more powerful than the kill. And since stuns are every bit as hard as a kill or harder, then why SHOULDN'T they be rewarded for streaks, especially since the scoring potential for stuns is not as great as for kills? And the SILENT kill streak is called SILENT streak for a reason. Greater risk, greater reward.
    The rest of your post is inane and has nothing to do with AC3 supposedly being another ACR (neither did some of the points I mentioned), so there's really no point in me addressing any of the rest of it. I don't see how anyone could have played both ACR and ACB and think AC3 is just another ACR though.
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    The murged stun and kill button just made the game worst and more n00b friendly.The stun range is the same as the kill AC3 and ACR except in DM,in all FFA modes your kills will be **** except if your target is stuned or ******ed or if you use OS.In AC3 and ACR asa stuning your target is a lot more rewarding.the average amount of point that you Will get a stun is not So différent that the amount of point that you Will get for a kill.In AC3 I get about 300 points per kills while on ACB I get 590 points per kills lol.So stuning your target is almost as rewarding as killing it and it is more rewarding in asa.And a stun is not a kill,it makes no sense to put stuns in kills streaks,and discreet streaks should not even exist...And all the mechanics are the same in ACR and AC3 except the Locking system...
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    Don't drink and type.
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    dont know how to feel the most sorry for. the OP who is talking out of his behind, or the moderators who have to clean his sick up
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