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    How do I play AC3 without Uplay?


    I recently purchased Assassin's Creed 3 via steam. Upon launching the game I was greeted with a Uplay registration Window. I immediately closed it and uninstalled Uplay. After attempting to run the game again with my PC cleansed of this unwanted software I was prompted with an error instructing me to re-install the game. So, after another 18GB download I have re-installed and reluctantly registered yet another account just to play a single player game. I now have yet another unwanted digital distribution medium on my computer just to play a game. I want to remove Uplay and play without it. Please provide me with instructions on how to do so as I'd much prefer not to go the route of using a pirated and hacked copy of the game just to get rid of this unwanted service and software. There is absolutely no reason that Ubisoft needed to push their own content distribution system and software on me when they could have integrated with Steam's existing system.

    If instructions to play Assassin's Creed 3 without Uplay currently do not exist, does anyone have a link to documentation stating Uplay is required? That way I can just uninstall, get a hacked copy, and play without the aggravation.


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    Its impossible without considering using a crack or cracked copy as far as I know
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    Same here. I was really annoyed by having been forced to create yet another pointless online account in order to play the game.
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    U-PLAY gives you ingame Single player rewards for completing certain memories or tasks in the game ........Duhhhhh
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    Try contacting either Ubi or Steam to have the game moved to UPlay.

    After buying Revelations through Steam I was suprised that when you launch the game from Steam it launches UPlay on top, but only the page for Revelations. Revelations doesn't show in my UPlay PC library and the combo Steam/UPlay is very redundant. I also made the mistake of buying Anno 2070 through Steam, which is again prone to redundant failure of each platform and very unoptimized. Valve and Ubi should work together to synch this better, because again, double DRM is only annoying for the customer. and doesn't put extra protection against piracy.

    Sadly, these platforms are here to stay. EA has put up Origin, Ubi has UPlay and Valve has Steam. The there are websites that have their own extra downloader that can only do just that, adds no extra value but is still mandatory, which I find annoying, just offer a torrent or something. GoG arguably does it best with no DRM at all and a supportive downloader which is optional. But they lack many modern games, and I prefer a retail copy anyway.

    These platforms aren't all bad though, they let you keep track of your games and some have really handy cloud storage so you don't have to copy your saves everywhere. If they could just smooth the process by leaving out the DRM platforms when you press the games shortcut from Windows and just load a background process that closes once validation is done, and start the platform the user selects, either making this an option or ACTUALLY ONLY START THE **** PLATFORM FROM IT'S SHORTCUT. WE NEVER ASKED FOR THIS.

    Rant tldr; These game platforms are only stacking and getting redundant, we need a program that either mixes them all so you just need ONE APP, or better implementation from the ones we have. Which is not likely.
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    I, too, was hoping I could play AC3 without installing Uplay. Or at the least, uninstall Uplay after installing AC3 and still be able to play AC3.

    Guess I'll just have to uninstall both AC3 and Uplay, and never touch another Ubisoft game. Good thing AC3 was free with my video card; I'd be livid if I paid $60 for this crap.
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    I don't like Uplay

    I just want to play AC III and SH 5 without having Uplay on my PC. So if this isn't possible I will delete both games and uplay and never buy antoher Ubisoft product. What a bunch of crap, having to install uplay.
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    No Uplay for me anymore

    Same goes for me. Never will I purchase a Ubisoft game. I got this free with my purchase of a GTX680. Forcing a person to install this crap on their computer is a bunch of garbage. No big deal though I'm not a gamer but got it free. In the future anything with the words Ubisoft or Uplay won't be purchased and that includes games for my kids consoles or PC's.
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    This is absurd

    The very reason I created an account here was to enquire about Uplay not letting me play AC Revelations, but I can't even find my thread here, so I thought I'd mention how I also despise what Ubisoft have done with Uplay here. I'm already trying to run a game through Steam with a valid account; why the hell should Uplay start to dictate what I can and can't have access to? Ubisoft can count on me not buying another one of their products too. They're no better than EA.
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    My game wont even launch. *comment removed*
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