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    Assassins Creed III Windowed Mode?

    How do you get this game to run in windowed mode guys? D:

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    Im trying to figure that out too...
    Also, I thought this game was gonna be on steam.

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    Just called UBISOFT and they said the game doesn't support windowed mode atm. He said there is going to be a patch sometime around thanksgiving but he doesn't know if windowed mode will be implemented in it or any other patch.

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    Probably will be not implemented. Anyway i will try to find out any kind of workaround especially for you guys, but at first i need to get my copy of game ;-)

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    oh theres no windowed mode how is that even a thing in 2012

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    Are you effing kidding me? No Windowed Mode? What the hell, that is beyond ridiculous. I do not play games full screen - this is my computer, and I choose to play them in Windowed mode, running whatever apps else I want to run at the same time, with 3 monitors.

    Thank god American Express will refund this for me, there was no way to anticipate Ubisoft's giant pile of crap.

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    Well yeah no windowed mode, however if you're wanting to screenshare with a friend and talk to them and do that by the way, you know Skype doesn't screenshare fullscreen.
    But however if you're wanting to do this read ahead.. You MUST already be screensharing. If you go onto Uplay and have 3D Ripper DX up attached to AssassinsCreed3.exe then move the Uplay window to the side and have 3D Ripper so you can see the launch button just around the uPlay window. Be fast but click Play on Uplay Single Player then really quickly hit launch on 3D Ripper DX it should boot the game in a windowish mode enough that you can carry on screensharing through it, unfortunately if you alt tab out and back in, you're gunna have to redo it again. Works great for me and my girlfriend but sorry that's all I got unfortunately. Having window mode would be so much easier @_@. Also I have tried all that alt enter, -w -windowed, editing Assassin.ini and adding Fullscreen=0 and it DOESNT work. So... Thanks Ubi ;-;

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    aight wheres my windowed mode? how was this not done already?

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    bump for windowed mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roragok View Post
    oh theres no windowed mode how is that even a thing in 2012

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