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    AC3 Tyranny of King Washington DLC Release Date?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering when the DLC "The Tyranny of King Washington" will come out. I am excited for this (and hopefully they will put the features they said they were gonna put in the game but took out) and I want to know when it releases. Thanks!

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    I read somewhere that the first DLC for the season pass (The Tyranny of King Washington) will be released in December, I can't remember where I read it though so it could have been false info.

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    I do wonder if it'll add any new content, besides the missions.

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    3 installments, 1st in December or January, 2nd in January and the 3rd at the end of February

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    and I still dont know , Tyranny of George Washington will be 3 new sequences as a one dlc? or every single sequence will be considered as a DLC and will be released month by month

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    All I remember hearing was that they were supposedly all supposed to come out within the first 6 months after release but that's all I remember hearing.

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    Considering the game is only a little over 2 weeks old, it's kinda silly to ask about DLC. :P As far as I know, it might be awhile before it's ready, especially with all the bugs AC3 has.

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    December 1st sounds about right. And I read somewhere, and definitely in another thread, that the DLC would contain the 2 bonus outfits (Colonial assassin, and Captain of the Aquila). I hope they add new features, similar to the Da Vinci DLC for Brotherhood.
    I was secretly hoping Ubi does like a outfit DLC or something, similar to what Red Dead Redemption did. I feel the outfits aren't quite as BA this game.

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    they should put a cheif costum and a station u can put different warpaint on in the dlc.they should more conner fighting animations also.

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