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    Question Problems with my stables!!

    Can anyone tell me "WHY" all my stables show the same horses in the boxes. I have all the stables you can get but they all contain the same horses and I don't understand!
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    This could be a display error if you are still able to hold horses at capacity. I would try clearing cookies, updating flash, and if it's really bothersome try a new browser. Either way, we're sorry for the annoyance! Thanks for playing!
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    This is normal. It will always show the same horses in the boxes because those are the horses you have. To see the other boxes you have access to, click the right arrow on the right hand side of the screen that pops up when you click on the Stable. More empty boxes will show that you need to upgrade (this costs money, supplies, and you need to hire one hand per box). Once you upgrade a box you will have that extra space available.
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