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    Question will far cry 3 support windows 8?

    so i have just installed windows 8 and i want to know if far cry 3 will even support and work fast with it?

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    Yes it is compatible and as fast as windows 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viragoxv535 View Post
    Yes it is compatible and as fast as windows 7

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    Initial Install went great for windows 8

    I had to do a system refresh after the system went south, after some windows security patches. After the refresh the game will not run I did save my user data. I am wondering if that is the problem the game just stops. I am dual booting windows 7 and windows 8, I reinstalled the game to windows 7 but would rather run it on windows 8. I like the windows 8 interface. The problem with the game not running in windows 8 I expect to be a problem with the OS or rather environmental. Windows 8 has not even had the first service pack released yet. I expect that Microsoft is just beginning compile a list of problems to fix.

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