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    Quote Originally Posted by SeattleSauve View Post

    There are the two sections that are a bit trickier than the rest. I think most people who are close to 100% are missing notes in those two sections. So what you'd want to do is spend time in accellerator, set the speed to 100% and keep working on those two sections until you can pass them every .. single.. time... (not just once or twice in a row) and then they will be second nature when you hit them in the song. Otherwise getting 100% is going to be a real pain
    Hear hear: that's exactly my current problem, given that I managed a streak that was evidently 100% until I got to the first of those two sections.

    Speaking of Audrey, I wouldn't bet against her pulling off a 100%. That girl has chops!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pick__pocket View Post
    That sounds very interesting. Could you please provide more details on the which ini files you tweaked and how?
    Hey P_P, take a look at this (now buried) thread and see how you get on. The only unknown I still have is how to optimise the in-game lag setting value after tweaking the ini file - they don't know anything about each other. There may not be a viable rule of thumb though, it may be just feel. I've set mine at 25 because that seems right to my eye/ear (For testing I find 'We share the same skies' to be a great test song because there are lots of single notes at a reasonably fast tempo). I don't bother setting the usb device sample rate every time though because I'm lazy.

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    Got to 99% and noticed an open note I was not aware of in the first more complex section right after the part up the neck, oops!

    I see what happened now. In riff repeater it's the first note of the next section which I was not practicing.

    Ok got that part down then totally muffed the next section, lol. 456 streak...
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    Friday night: got it up to 101K, 98%, and a 388 streak. Which broke once I hit that first of two peak choruses towards the end.

    Sat morn: spent plenty of time in accelerator to memorize those two peak choruses. Did a few runs, but I keep dropping silly notes in the main part of the song, and if it's early enough I usually restarted the run. It's quite odd: I could swear I hit every note in those parts, but every now and then I'll drop one regardless. Ironically, having dropped an early silly note, I managed "perfect phrase" for the first peak chorus (still missed something in the second), but did manage 102,812 now; still only 98%, which means I'm dropping just under a dozen notes in total. Updated pix

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    Halleluja, I mastered it! will update and post picks later on.

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    Sat night: no score improvement, but did get a 405 streak.

    The annoying thing with this song that when I stop and return to it after a while, even if just a few hours, I will inevitably mess up those peak choruses. So it seems before I try any full runs, I have to spend a bit of time in RR to 'refresh the memory' as to how those two parts go. At this rate, I am doubtful I will crack the elusive 100%. One step at a time, let's see if I can at least get 99...

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    104,298 / 378 NS / 99% - rcole_sooner

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    102,456 (Division III) BP

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    Quote Originally Posted by audrey123talks View Post
    [Score picture]
    Aw man, so close! I was hoping she would get to select the next song. I want to see what she would choose.

    Quote Originally Posted by audrey123talks View Post
    video coming soon
    Can't wait!

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