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    HELP! How the heck do I get back to Boston!?

    I'm on Sequence 9 or whatever -- not sure if that has anything to do with it -- but I can't figure out how to get back to Boston! I think the rest of the trinkets I need are there and I swear I cannot find it on the map anymore. What the I don't even please help me.
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    What area are you in? Homestead?Frontier? Get to a portmaster and take a ship to Boston. Hope that helps.
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    I've been having a lot of problems with the map in AC3, too. Sometimes certain icons don't appear, and while I don't think that's necessarily a glitch, I think it's an odd choice. It just confuses me. I'm pretty sure you can zoom out, zoom in to Boston, and just click on a Fast-Travel icon.

    On a side note about the map, it doesn't help that you can't selectively toggle individual icons anymore...
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    I've tried going to a bunch of these areas, but I haven't tried sailing there -- I thought that was just for naval missions and such. Thanks for the quick replies everyone! The map system is kind of confusing.

    I'm not a forum user but I guess there are some people complaining about the game. It is more streamlined, and I don't think they introduced some of the new features very well (I can't figure out how to make profit from the ledgers) but overall I think they've done a good job tying together a lot of the old game mechanics.
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    Just to confirm this, it does seem that traveling by Harbormaster is the only way to reach Boston, unless there are some problems with icons appearing on the maps (or unless they only appear at certain times during the main story mission).
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    1. Open Map
    2. Keep zooming out
    3. Zoom in to Bostin
    4. Click on a fast travel or harbour master icon
    5. Click it and fast travel there.

    Congratulations! You have no fast travelled between cities.
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