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Thread: Enter the 1st DoC World Championship HERE | Forums

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    Enter the 1st DoC World Championship HERE

    Dear Champions,

    Please post your account name and country of origin ONLY here in order to enter the first Duel of Champions World Championship with semi-finals and finals at the DreamHack convention in Sweden.

    Information on the Championship can be found here.
    Rules of the championship can be found here.


    Edit: Applications end on Wednesday 14th at midnight.
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    Account name : Esserterp
    Country : France

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    Jun 2006
    Account name : Matrix.disc
    Country : Poland

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    Account name: Ch3rryAC
    Country: Poland

    Can go to Sweden
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    Account name: kuackillah
    Country: Poland

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    Account name: Werolt
    Country: Poland

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    Account name: c4r-n4ge
    Country: Poland

    Woud be able to go to Sweden.
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    Account: ABBOTOTOR
    Country: France

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    Account: Monkeykwan88
    Country: Australia

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    Account name: Faulesai
    Country: Germany

    Edit: Would be able to go to sweden.
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