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    [SPOILER] Davinci Flying Machine in AC3

    I just did an interactive conversation with the craftsman on the homestead and he had the plans for a flying machine and built one for conor to test out. Anyone else get to this part?
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    I just did this. It took a dive into the water and that was it. Was that what was supposed to happen? The most anti-climactic thing I've seen to date lol No follow up conversation about being a terrible pilot.. nothing.. That could have easily been left out of the game. Also, didn't that thing only fly when you flew over fire / hot air? How would they expect it to work in this new environment?
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    It was just supposed to be a nice easter egg or ode to AC2. I thought it was awesome. I was really hoping it was going to fly then it just fell straight into the water. The fact that Connor didn't say anything was just staying true to his personality
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