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    Liberation mission in NY north problem

    So after hours of searching online for any help, wich i can't find anywhere, decided to post here and hopefully its the right place

    I did almost all the liberation missions, got 5 assassins in the brotherhood but the one in new york north seems to be glitched or something ? i can not find the last few liberation missions, there are no sync points, and ive discovered every inch of the map, help?

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    Yea me too

    The same happened to me. I hope it gets fixed soon. Does anyone know how?

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    The same thing happened to me, except it was both Boston and new York north. I can't even find the would-be recruits in the time between the liberation quests like the rest. I am all the way through with the main game, and most of the way through all the optional ones, I also have a guide and it says nothing about this. I would greatly appreciate hearing from someone having the same issue that has figured it out

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    I'm not sure where you are but you may need to continue progressing in the story in order for them to become available.

    If that doesn't work please make sure you contact Ubisoft Support.

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    this happened to me also. i am done with the story, was able to get 5 recruits, last one in new york dissapeared. it was the female recruit.

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    I am having the same problem. I have five recruits and Northern New York is "Disputed" I have found all synchronization points for the map, currently there are no more icons for liberation missions on the map

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    Most of the north section of NY is not revealed by synch points. You will need to walk through that part of the map to reveal it. That should also reveal the liberation missions that you still need to finish. They are there, but you won't find them until you get very close.

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    Also, if you go to the logbook you can see what kind of missions you have left which can help narrow down your search ("Helping a farmer" will only happen on a field, for example).

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    Sorry, but that isn't it either. I've already gotten all those done and it says all I have left is to "Talk to your district contract." :\ this sucks and it hasn't been fixed as far as I can tell even though there was an update when I turned it on today.

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    The real problem is that there is still one mission left for you to do but, neither the map nor the logbook point this to you.

    Being on my second play-through I too came across this bug. Running around not-so-happily I happened to find a small area on the back of two buildings marked as red, and I got right away a message on screen telling me to free the man held captive. After that you can go and talk to the district contact. I think it's Dobby?

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