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    Originally Posted by XPandaHunterX Go to original post
    The convoy that I sent in the beginning of the game (tutorial mission) got attacked and for the entire game (I'm on sequence 10 now) when I go to the trade section, it is just my two upgraded caravans and that one caravan that says "attacked."

    I can't delete it or fix it, and it is just taking up space where I could have another caravan coming and going. How can I get three again?
    Go to the Crafting part, choose Recipes, Special Items and there will be LAND CONVOY. This allows you to make another wagon...and you can Craft added capacity. I had the same problem, even after reading the guide. I am finding allot of problems that should not be. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO NAVAL CONVOYS WITH NO LUCK !!!! It is rather a weird and very complicated system they came up with for generating income.
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    Originally Posted by liamr11 Go to original post
    glad to have been of service, oh btw you can decrease the tax if you liberate the area (or take the fort) in which the shop is stationed. And a tip, get a naval convoy as soon as you can, get to roll in the big money then
    how do you get a naval convoy ???????
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    In that case... crafting is bugged

    Originally Posted by liamr11 Go to original post
    Not a stupid question at all, Look out for homestead missions, complete those and every time you complete one, that homesteader will level. each homesteader almost has a storyline in themself, its a lot of fun!
    I've been kicking out every homestead mission b/c it gives you access to extra mats from that NPC. I've done a ton of crafting thinking that was going to lvl up these npc's so they could craft more items, but it doesn't. If completing the homestead missions lvls the NPCs, that's a big no-go, b/c these fools aren't getting past lvl 1. Or this game is buggy. I've got AC3 for PS3 and that's not the only thing that doesn't work.

    I can't play that game six or nine, whatever you call it, where you got to get the 3 chips in a row to 86 an opponent's chip. Get the NPC down to 2 chips and you win. It doesnt' let me make 3 in a row, whether it's when I'm setting up the board or moving them aournd when the board has all the pieces on it. But that's for a different form.

    Anyways, the crafting mechanic could be awesome, as an MMO player, I'm all about crafting. But this sucks. Gotta fix this bugs!
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    Originally Posted by StillBHold353 Go to original post
    how do you get a naval convoy ???????
    You gotta craft it, here's the recipe

    woodworker (lvl 2) Bear Grease (from hunting yourself, thats how i did it anyway), Oak Bark, spruce Lumber
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    Is there a limit to the time you can save an attacked convoy? I can't find the shield icon anywhere on the maps?
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    anyone know how to find flour? the recipe for bread (part of a delivery request) calls for eggs + milk + flour, i can buy eggs and milk from homesteaders but i can't find flour anywhere (and i've completed all homestead missions)
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    Currently have a game-breaking glitch I need help with. My character enters the stockpile, where I'm supposed to buy wood. After doing so, or shortly opening up the menu, I'm unable to make any buttons work. Escape, Left Control, Mouse clicks, Backspace, Enter all no longer work.

    This makes it impossible to exit the Stockpile menu, and it loads up to the menu every time I restart the game.

    Again, I'm able to enter about one menu with 'Enter' initially, after which all buttons fail working. Nothing on screen in clickable, scroll able, or can exited. I've double checked to ensure none of my buttons are bound to anything else, I've attempted to bind action buttons to different keys and reset them, to no avail. Clicking backspace or escape initially to escape the screen do not work.

    Please, please tell me you have a solution to this. My game is in perpetual limbo.
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    In Sequence 5 the first time i enter the accounting book, it wont let me out. I buy lumber from stockpile tab, and when i click backspace to leave nothing happens, escape doesnt work either, nothing. And when i leave the game to continue from the last save, it appears that the last save is in the accounting section! So im stucked in it now. Its Sequence 5 and i simply dont wanna start the game again, it would be my third time because i allready played untill sequence 8 but accidentally erased the save game and even if i do it would prolly happen again. Can someone help me?
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    You guys *****ing about how things are complicated is pretty hilarious. A monkey could figure out the games in this game without any instruction not to mention the crafting really isn't complicated AT ALL. Sounds like some of you might be legally brain dead.
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    Thread dead huh but nonetheless...Crafting, Traging, my 2 cents on it...

    Hello everyone,

    I have read a cpl of posts in this thread and I must say some of you guys just need to learn how to read.
    Most of the crafting and trading is self-explanatory. For instance, you want to craft glass windows you
    need sand, you got no sand, no glass-windows. You will have to do ALL homestead missions in order for your
    whole homestead to be at 100%. I am at sequence 12 now and had my homestead at 92% when I finished
    Sequence 10. Meaning, there was one more homestead mission (Doctor, you can look that up in the DNA Tracker).

    But for the illogical part (to me at least): You buy from your homesteaders, fair enough, they have to live off their work.
    You pay 160 for a beaver pelt of myriam, fair enough, it sells for up to 500 something with the best merchant. So far,
    so good. What bothers me, is the crafting. You craft 10 items and the crafting makes the item as expensive as 1500
    or more in the end because it gets more expensive to craft, the more the goods deplete. But seriously 800 for one item?
    This is totally blown out of porportion, considering it is the 18th century. A beaver pelt for 160 might be reasonable,
    selling it for 500 something, dunno. Crafting one item for 800 just to sell it for 200? Who the hell calculated this? A
    fifth grader? I do understand that crafting gets more expensive, the less goods you have but not more expensive
    than selling the good afterwords is just plain idiotic.

    Second Part: Who was the creator of the crafting menue? This is the most user-unfriendly thing I have ever had
    the chance to come across. You craft one item you are in "metalworks" for example. You hit "B" and the first time
    I used this I was expecting to be back in "metalworks" but no, some genius thought it was good to get back
    all the way to the top where the Farmer goods are. What the effing hell? This is more button pushing for something
    that should be side mission at its best than I can handle. Why not make this easier? So I can waste an hour crafting
    and having 3 land convoys and 3 naval convoys, which give me about 50 k? TOO FRIGGIN COMPLICATED, takes
    too much time. Should have been simplified and shorter because I literally can craft about 120 items now
    and I do not find it easy to make money now, takes too long.

    All in all I thought the idea of crafting, trading and stuff was good but the execution was very poor. And just a remark:
    Connor is able to put all his skinned animals and goods he collected on convoy, someone said his items were useless.
    Not true, brother

    Dear Ubisoft, I'd appreciate a simplified crafting and trading menue, a more logical value system and lots more benefit
    for doing all those homestead missions. I still like this game with all the bugs, illogical stuff, nonetheless, good job.
    But maybe you could take some of this critic to heart and improve before you decide to release DLC, please...?

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