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    assassins creed 3 tree viewpoints

    i started palying the game and im on a viewpoint that is a tree in the frontier and i cant climb the tree all the way he doesnt grab on to any tree ledges he just dives into the hay bale thing i dont know what im suppose to do about this anyone else having the problem where they cannot scale tree viewpoints
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    Hey, I had that problem too. You have to like point the camera in the right direction when it comes to the part where you swing on the branches. This video shows it >
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    have you ever solve the problem? I have the same issue. lost count on how many times ive "leaped of faith" instead of jumping into the next branch.
    Its the viewpoint with the cows mooing in the background. Good God i want to slaughter them all!!!

    -This is the last viewpoint in the frontier.
    -im in Sequence 6
    -i know how to climb the other tree viewpoints but why is this particular one is such a problem
    -i want to slaughter the cows
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    You would probably be better off posting this in the console sub-forum as it has yet to be released to PC.
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