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    "Insert Assassins Creed 3 Disc 2"

    I was playing Assassins Creed 3 just last night, and enjoying it i might add, though i thought it was time to hit the hey, so naturally I saved and quit. However, today i came home from school and felt i needed my hit of AC3 however when I insert disc 1, and go to my single player mission, as it loads it gives me a error saying "Please insert Assassins Creed 3 Disc 2". I know disc 2 is ONLY multiplayer and i wish to find out what is wrong so i can fix it ASAP.

    I had a look on various other forums and this has occured to others although they managed to fix it by restarting their consoles. I have tried, and failed this numerous times now and I don't know why this occurs. Any help would be great and as I said, I would like to fix this ASAP!
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    Hi, this is an issue with the way the XBL account interacts with the game. Try loading the game and then signing out of your Xbox live gamertag. This should take you to the main menu. You can then try signing back in at that point. If not, try signing out and then rebooting the Xbox and going into the game again. Either one of those should work.
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    Thank You! This has fixed my problem and i am playing as we speak!
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    I have a problem with my disc 2 every time I use it, it loads a bit and then freezes my xbox. the single player disc 1 works fine. can anyone help with this problem
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    Yeah, I am having the exact same problem. It goes up until it says "Checking Uplay Passport Status" and then it freezes every time. I have tried restarting the xbox, signed out and signed back in, and also tried to load from both discs' and still no solution.....
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    I am also having the same problem too. It goes till "Checking Uplay Passport Status" and then freezes. I went and got another disk 2 but it still freezes when loading multiplayer
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    I have the exact same problem as the 3 previous people... I've never had it before, I played the Multiplayer 3 days ago alot and now suddenly it just freezes 7/10 times during "Checking Uplay Passport Status" and 3/10 times in the menu.

    It's not a problem with my 360, cause the SP works just fine and I don't think the disc is damaged or anything.. Would really like clarification from Ubi that this is some sort of Server overload?


    Since this seems to be a bigger problem I just made a thread about it, if some of you guys could go write some more info or any kind of updates in it?

    ...wanna play MP ;(
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