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    George Washington's Notebook (Shouldn't be Spoilers)

    I picked up my CE of ACIII and after seperating the hidden pages I found a "hidden message" and two images that denote how to solve it but I cannot but barely read the notebook being in cursive and me being half-blind so I cannot seem to solve this. Anyone else get it or any ideas?

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    Hello, I too noticed this and I deciphered the inner circle with the help of a french forum post.

    Each number in the circle corresponds with 2 things: the first number is the line and the second (and third in some cases) is the word.

    So the number 414 means "Freedom" (it's the 14th word on the fourth line). When u use this key you get:
    "Freedom is a plant that grows quickly once it has taken much ___ for.
    I suspect the ___ should be "root" but the number is 85 (which doesn't correspond with any word). According to the french forum post this is correct.

    I do not have a key to decipher the other 3 circles, but i am trying!

    For people that don't have the notebook, I found the photo's on the internet.
    Text about saffran:
    Coded message:
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    I'm just working on this now and I got the same as you tuur29. But if I use that key where the first number is the line and the next one or two numbers is the word mine ends with "much by for". I thought it was right until those three words but this makes me think the that I have it wrong as I would have expected the key to work on each line of numbers. Unless it's an anagram? Any ideas on that?

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    @A Dez The Don I do not understand how you get the "by", is the one to last number also 85 in your book?

    I am trying to apply the same key to the rest at the moment, maybe this could be of use. So expect another post

    EDIT: nevermind I found out how you got to the word 'by'. You kept counting so the sixth line is the first line again etc.
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    So i applied the key to the rest of the text. This is what I get (Inner to Outer circle):

    - Freedom is a plant that grows quickly once it has taken much _ for.
    - A _ plant _ _ a _ sativus _ _ _ _ Crocus _ Sativus _ _ in _ (a) _ flowers _ a.
    - _ demand (Sativus) harvested great _ _ is harvested _ once (once) harvested _ a once _ _ _ demand (_) (_) once _ _ (turned)
    - _ demand _ _ crocus _ (harvested) _ as harvested _ (_) a bulb Sativus _ (_) Crocus _ grows a _ harvested harvested _

    _ are blank words (their is no corresponding word to the number. example: 09, 60, 98)
    (*) are words i am not certain of (example: 102 could mean 10th row second word or first row second word. I took the latter option.)

    Also: did anyone wrote down the pages that were stuck together? I did not write them down, maybe this has an importance too.
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    I came from over at the Neoseeker forums, someone referenced me here, good to know other people have noticed this; and the page numbers for the coded message is 10 to 13. I haven't got the slightest clues how to translate it but you all definitely are onto something.

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    much VALUE? for

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    This is what i got.
    Freedom is a plant that grows quickly once it has taken much honour for a council the committee and not with and am i not next I trust this plant form there by out grows executive detailing _ demand i turned great the value by preparing and a..........
    i used pages 11-13 obviously and pages 34-35. i picked pages 34-35 for a few reasons; one because this entry's date is different from the others, the June is abbreviated and capitalized. second on page 11 June seem to be slightly bold in line 2. third the map on page 34 makes no sense to me.

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    @JOCalem: How did you come to the word value?
    I still believe it should be root because the french forum deciphers the text as: "la liberté est une plante qui croît vite une fois qu'elle a pris racine". ("racine" means root).

    @Tone-olk87: Those pages are indeed diffrent from the others, but I doubt that they can be used for the riddle because on page 10 in the lower right corner it says: "This text about saffron is enought to decipher the coded message on the next page."

    I thank you both for your contribution and I hope we'll find the key!

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    Was this book written in French first and then translated? If so this could be the reason for the grammatical errors. Has anyone got the French version I might have more luck with that.

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