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    yup having same problem as you on xbox 360 here's hoping they release another patch @ KickAss-trooper
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    On my second playthrough of the game I got all my *** assassins except the doctor in NY. I got him on my first playthrough though. he doesn't show up on my map or any of his liberation missions. he does show up in game but i can't speak to him.

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    Missions out of order

    This isn't one particular bug, but one thing I'm finding incredibly frustrating and distracting is that missions (most specifically liberation) trigger earlier than they are supposed to.

    After the tea party, when you go to a region and randomly encounter the sub missions (such as killing guards collecting taxes) it has no reason for you to be doing this. It seems as though it was designed so you find your contact, and they give you this sub mission, but you don't have to meet your contact to do them, when you subsequently talk to your contact then they explain why you're doing it.

    Another bigger example is that I returned to New York immediately after "caged wolf" rather than continue the story missions. On arriving, there was a mission marker icon nearby (which I later found was a Benedict Arnold mission) I hadn't seen this type, so went to check it out. The mission start person was all weird and not rendered properly, when I spoke to them I found it was someone I'd had little to do with yet, but the dialogue of the cutscene suggested that this mission was supposed to occur at least after the current sequence.

    Like I said nothing game breaking, but it does distract somewhat from the overall narrative, and contributes to that overall unpolished feeling.

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    New York: North District, got the area to 90% liberated without ever speaking to the contact "Deborah 'Dobby' Carter" and now I have no marker directing me to my last liberation mission. I've tried several different things like going and doing other things, leaving the area and coming back later on, walking around withe eagle vision to try and see if she stands out. I just can't find her or my last mission anywhere.

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    Sequence 07 Mission 3 Conflict Looms. When I try to start the mission, game gets stuck in the white loading screen.
    So basically I can't finish the storyline missions.

    I will possibly return my game. It's just pain to play because it's so unfinished and buggy.


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    I encounters the same problem, but I found the last farmer mission just to the right of the tip if the lake that seperates the two frontier fast travel points in the north district. The lake is closer to the left most fast travel to the wilderness point

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    On Sequence 6 Defend Chapheau were you have to stop him losing more than 50% health fails automatically after first fight even when he takes no damage, even when not in combat the message comes up saying it's failed.

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    I was going to do a mission and i had to go through the frontier to get to it. I was riding a horse and then I quit the game. When I came back the next day it loaded and said entering region packanack and i spawn under the map where it says desynchronised and repeats over and over and i am unable to acces the pause menu. In addition my disk for the game is perfect and has no marks or scratches and my xbox is fine too. Pls help me the game is unplayable.

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    A gigabyte worth of patching

    First off, I want to mention how good this game is. Story and gameplay is fantastic, BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY BUGS!!! All of which completely mar what would be a nearly perfect video game experience. While there were some obvious creative choices that impede the game from being as rewarding as previous games, there are enough serious bugs in the game to draw my attention away from its underlying quality.

    My biggest piss-off right now is the dual holster bug. Every loading screen ushers in the Pitcairn-Putnam and even when I accept it and select the PP's as my primary pistol, the game goes all wet sandwich and gets rid of my second pistol. It's infuriating considering the time and effort required to make good things. Then of course there's the encyclopedia progress bug that has my 100% ambitions all in a twist. The fighting camera needs a serious overhaul as you can't see counter prompts through walls, horses, trees and NPCs. And probably the most inexcusable of all the bugs is the entirety of west NewYork. Connor phases into EVERYTHING; if you start free running, your asking to get stuck in a wall. Oh, and did I mention whenever I pass into west New York I'm automatically thrown into open combat with every guard in sight. I could go on, but every problem in the game has been reiterated sixfold on the forum.

    Now for the creative choices! "Oh hey, Connor also has dual hidden blades! Oh, he can only double assassinate in high profile." "Cool, Connor has a bow and arrow; I bet I'll do a lot of quiet long range work! Oh, enemies still detect me when I use my bow." "Sweet, Connor has a Mohawk; that'll be cool to see when I'm walking around the homestead! Oh, he's just going to walk around with his hood down all the time." The reason that the past AC's have been so good is because the choice of how missions play out is completely up to you. If you wanted to go in without ever being seen or crushing everyone in sigh with a warhammer, you could. Stealth in this game starts off sneaky, but with the omission of double assassinations and quiet ranged weapons, every stealth segment boils down to a counter-fest brawl that leaves you disappointed. I could counter kill my way through every guard in the fort, but I'm not playing "Counterer's Creed", I'm playing "Assassin's Creed". With all the drastic changes, Connor just doesn't feel like an assassin. I know there's a huge emphasis on him being a guerrilla fighter, but don't make him a reckless commando. My last point on this note, the prices in the crafting interface need to be rethunk. Why would I pay lots of money to craft something that will cost me more to ship than I will earn from it.

    In short, there is a good game beneath the bugs and misplaced ambitions, but it just doesn't feel as elegant as past entries, especially compared to AC 2, which is the apex of the series. I'm sure once the next patch comes out AC3 will soar far and above every other title, but as most people have either beaten it or returned it, who knows if Ubisoft will even bother to save their unfinished product.
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    There is a trinket and a chest in the lower left hand corner of the frontier map that are stuck below the map.

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