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    HDMI Audio lag - how bad is it really?

    Hello guys,

    Finally Rocksmith arrived in Japan. Before buying it, I wanted to understand the lag/latecy situation with HDMI (i.e how long the audio comes back after picking a string, especially in amp mode). I will be using a ps3 directly connected to a sharp aquos through HDMI. Although I understand analog audio connections would be better (and a cheap solution would be to connect the rca audio out of the ps3 to speakers or another device), I will need to settle for HDMI for video/audio for the time being.

    I've read mixed opinions on the web. So, since the game has been around quite a while everywhere else in the world, what is your experience with HDMI and lag? Is it really that bad?

    My tv offers both videogame and pc mode, so I would assume that would disable most processing for video, but would that improve audio as well? Do you have any experience with sharp aquos televisions (mine was made in 2010 and it's a 26", not sure about the exact model since it's for the japanese market).

    Alternatively, would using the RCA cables to the tv for an SD signal make the game playable, or the standard def resolution on a modern tv would make it awfully harder to watch?


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    I depends a lot on the input lag of your TV. With PC and/or Game modes, the lag will be better, but you will still have some. In the case of my Samsung TV, it is horrible and the game is absolutely unplayable through HDMI, even when the Game mode is on and all the post processing is turned off. Now I have the sound going through the component cable to a cheap PC 5.1 sound system and I have absolutely no audio lag.

    You could also use the component (RCA) cables for sound, and keep HDMI for video if your TV has the right settings available: set your PS3 settings to have audio go out through component cable and video through HDMI, and set your tv accordingly (my tv didn't have this functionality).

    Finally you can plug a headset directly on the component cable but you'll most likely get a weak signal without any amplification (and no control over the volume).

    Personally, I'd still recommend going at least for a cheap 2.1 PC sound system that has an RCA input (you should be able to find one of those easily for 30-40$ at most). This game is really, really better with no audio lag. Even a very small delay can get very annoying during quick notes successions.

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    I agree, it probably depends on your TV and how quick it processes the input. I have a Samsung LCD TV with no game mode and the lag is horrible over Hdmi (near half a second). I just mute the TV and use the RCA analogue out from the ps3 to an iPod dock I happened to have (3.5mm aux. input jack), which works perfectly with no lag that I can detect. Also, the speaker is much better than the TV speakers, bonus. All you need is an old stereo or powered speaker with aux input.

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    on my tv with hdmi i had about half a second lag with puts me off big time when playing fast stuff.
    got it connected to my surround sound and its perfect and got the pc version to headset and thats perfect too

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    Using the A/V output on my PS3 to my stereo, and the HDMI out to my TV with the audio muted, the lag is pretty much non-existent.

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    I'm running HDMI (audio and video) to my Sony 47" LCD in game mode with no noticeable lag. Maybe someone with the same model TV with a PS3 will chime in, otherwise you won't know untill you run it.

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    I had the HDMI to the TV and RCA to my receiver, because I had a mixing table inbetween to mix in my drums with Rock Band.

    Now I have the HDMI to the receiver and from there HDMI to the TV. For me there is no noticable difference, however I have my receiver on direct-mode (so basicly no processing of sound) and my TV also doesn't do anything to enhance/upgrade my picture quality.

    (Edit: This is the way I prefer things and my 'standard' settings)
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    I have HDMI going from my PS3 into my Samsung home theater receiver and the from there via HDMI (again!) in to my Samsung LCD television with no noticeable lag. Sounds like I'm extremely lucky though. I didn't have to set any special mode on the television or the receiver (at least not for this game). Just plugged everything in and it worked.

    Small caveat, when I bought the TV, I did research online what the ideal settings were for optimal picture quality when watching Blu-ray, so I don't know if that had anything to do with lag.

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    I run HDMI to my TV and optical to my sound system, and I have no discernible lag. So that's another option if you have a sound system that takes an optical input.

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