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    Please (Tom Clancy's The Division): Load-Out Equipment and 1vs1 free mode D.Z. (PVP)

    - I would like to be able to create several slots (loadouts) for personalization of equipment, weapons and enhancers (mods); Allow to personalize a set with 1 click. It is very complicated to move the mods whenever I want to change the set of pieces of equipment.
    -Many players want a free game mode where we can face 1 versus 1 (PVP) inviting my friends or doing matching

    Please Massive Don't abandon us in a big game like Tom Clancy's The Division, thanks

    Best Regards
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    Request for "Just Dance Worship" game

    The Christian community is huge and growing at a tremendous rate--especially among children and youth--and we like to have FUN! We love the Just Dance games but have not continued to invest in them because popular music is just getting worse and worse--darker and darker, more sexually explicit, and just not as fun.

    The biggest problem you guys are going to have is to narrow down the list of songs since there are so many to choose from. For instance:

    Capital Kings - In the Wild https://youtu.be/Ni08FXRbOls
    Capital Kings - I Can't Quit https://youtu.be/T_WlRrJSOT8
    Capital Kings - Forever https://youtu.be/RpncmMUZNFM
    Capital Kings - Be a King
    Capital Kings - Northern Sky https://youtu.be/mektcFJjLMc
    Capital Kings - Believer https://youtu.be/PbqudfRR058
    Capital Kings - Satellites https://youtu.be/r82YS_LakzE
    Capital Kings - Into Your Arms https://youtu.be/D_0B7POXzSQ
    Capital Kings - Live for the Drop https://youtu.be/_LPm78uAsi0
    Capital Kings - FIREBLAZIN https://youtu.be/osWrcxnIV_I
    Capital Kings - You'll Never Be Alone https://youtu.be/klf_k_pxWoE
    Capital Kings - Afterlight https://youtu.be/rTq2RoB909A
    Capital Kings - Tell Me https://youtu.be/JDMx4glj2hk
    Capital Kings - I Feel So Alive https://youtu.be/kdRI1A7F_pI
    Capital Kings - Born to Love. https://youtu.be/gIeH3JZlz7w
    Hollyn - Love With Your Life https://youtu.be/XfVetZeaxuc
    Hollyn - Alone (feat. TRU) https://youtu.be/Kpk9PfOVFQk
    Tauren Wells - Love is Action https://youtu.be/OCnsiP8atW0
    Hillsong Young & Free - Real Love https://youtu.be/t0kmvXlDBYI
    Hillsong Young & Free - Where You Are https://youtu.be/cwoZ-ntsRgM
    Hillsong Young & Free - This is Living Now https://youtu.be/jJEYP3yfItQ
    Hillsong Young & Free - Alive https://youtu.be/qEvEVALLjNQ
    Hillsong Young & Free - Wake https://youtu.be/io2WOQ-3aVs
    Hillsong - What a Beautiful Name https://youtu.be/nQWFzMvCfLE
    Bryan and Katie Torwalt - King of All the Earth https://youtu.be/Tg_C3Gy3e6w
    Britt Nicole - Amazing Life https://youtu.be/as_hThXFezk
    Britt Nicole - Through Your Eyes
    Britt Nicole - Gold. https://youtu.be/p9PjrtcHJPo
    Toby Mac - Speak Life. https://youtu.be/ZeBv9r92VQ0
    Newsboyos - lots of songs
    Royal Tailor - Remain. https://youtu.be/HHbfdYUIcec
    Chris Tomlin - God's Great Dance Floor. https://youtu.be/1p7EQX4cskU

    There are also tons of Kids songs, like:
    Bethel Music Kids - This is Amazing Grace https://youtu.be/ZxVadCcRfoI
    Bethel Music Kids - Taste and See. https://youtu.be/FJdFKYZRxcM
    Bethel Music Kids - Deep Cries Out https://youtu.be/FJdFKYZRxcM
    Hillsong Kids - Jesus You're My Superhero

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter
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