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    Myst 4 XP mode bug


    After installing Myst4 in my xp mode (winsdows 7 pro) I got the "cd-drive error". I then installed the zip file no-cd patch in the Myst 4 folder/Unziped it and copied the three files in the Myst4/bin folder.

    But after installing the no cd patch I am getting a new error/bug...
    "The procedure entry point ?ResolveLocalPatch@diskDrive@Ubi@UAE_NPBD@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library base_rd.dll."

    I have searched the net for informations but I am not a computer geek and those terms are beyond my understancing.

    Just for a curiosity reason I wouls appreciate any help if possible.

    I have another option where I can play Myst 4. I have a copy of the game installation on an external drive made at a time I had a pc with Windows XP version and when using it on my new Win 7 pc, it is working ok. (the motherboard in my old xp pc has passed away last month and I will miss it a big lot)

    Another question:
    After installing the No CD patch can we also install the Myst 4 v1.01 patch ? (patch to render the puzzles less time sensitive)

    Thank you,

    Edited with new info:
    Me wonders if the next info has something to do with my bug ?

    quote from this post on the ""

    XP Mode is not designed with gaming in mind and will work with only the most basic games (ie: Solitaire). If you want to use a game, either dual-boot or use VMware Player (, which has the option for 3D Acceleration.
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