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    AC3 Double Execution

    I don't keep myself informed about the game and what is known so far, but what about double execution, since i saw a screenshot about a month or two after the game has been announced where Connor stabbed an enemy's back with the tomahawk and shot at the same time at other with his gun. Are those type of kills gonna be brought back? As you know the double execution feature is known from Brotherhood, but those executions were only wielded by mele/ranged weapons combinations, do you expect to see a Ubi has also advanced those too? Like mele/mele (it is not necessery to be two different mele weapons, but a single for mele kill/mele kill) double exectuons or even ranged/ranged weapon combinations?

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    Well connor can use two weapons at the same time so I guess there are going to be double executions

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    Yes, Connor can actually do a much better version of that, and counter two enemies at once.

    If you're referring to the combat in Brotherhood where if you held attack on a chain kill, and you would automatically target the nearest enemy as well as the one you're killing, no I don't think you can.. that feature was removed in Revelations due to the inclusion of the Y / Triangle button becoming shoot (Same in ACIII)

    However, if two enemies are close to Connor and they're about to attack, if you hit counter he will mow both of them down in one move. (Seen in the Frontier Demo, and the Inside ACIII Episode 2)

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    I know about the double counter, sorry if i wasn't too specific about the topic. Anyways the double execution feature remained in Revelations, there was key specifically binded for shot/throw, but the way the double executions are done is the same as Brotherhood. Meaning that AC3 may not be exception in brining the double executions back as andreja suggested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dewgel View Post
    no I don't think you can.. that feature was removed in Revelations due to the inclusion of the Y / Triangle button becoming shoot (Same in ACIII)
    No it wasn't. It was just next-to-impossible to get into a fight with enough non-Janissaries to pull it off. It might be back in AC3, but I'm thinking only if you have a gun equipped to your left hand. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense if he's dual-wielding a knife and tomahawk and all of a sudden he whips out a gun as well.

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