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    So what exactally is ment by "balanced destroyers"?

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    So what exactally is ment by "balanced destroyers"?

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    I am not sure, it only my opinion, but I think so this is a reference of the fact on SH2, DDs was so deadly, and had too much effectivity.......

    Range of sonar and radar was high.......

    If you look at the map, when you change your course they change their course so quickly, as if they has not delay on sonnar scanning from left to right....

    Depth charges was near to always relesed just over you, and with a very precise depth settings......

    Depth charges has lethal rdius so high, and damage power so high.......

    In consecuence of these factors the game becomes so adrenalinic, but unrealistic hard, because, pecent of lethality do not reflects historical values.........

    This causes many claims in SH2 forums.......

    And many patches to reduce DDs capabilities was done ......

    I think so they are refering to a most balanced power and capabilities of to sink or to be sinked between DDs and subs........ may be in an attempt to reflects real historical statistics of survivability........


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