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    Hi guys, have you contacted Technical Support about this?

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    come on ubisoft download speed SUCKS plz fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    Hi guys, have you contacted Technical Support about this?
    Yup but with no results yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    Hi guys, have you contacted Technical Support about this?
    You mean sent an email to that black hole address?

    Yep... crickets...

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    Here's an update...

    In 24 hours I've managed to get 688megs of an 8gig download of FarCry 3.

    The download manager provided gets locked up in a stop-start cycle and stops downloading all together... just doing this dance of trying to start and blowing up.

    Now, when I tried to initiate the download again I'm told I've exceeded my allotted 5 attemps and that's it for me!

    Very clever. Put the game on a server incapable of delivering a download and giggle all the way to the bank.

    Two messages to customer service and.... the crickets continue their love call.

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    got also speed issues, after 2 days I only get 36% of the game

    with origin or steam I can download up to 10 MB/s

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    Got the same problem here, this is the first and the last time I will buy something with Uplay!

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    Same story here with assassins creed 3. at least 5 hours for and install and just round 900kbps...never buying another ubi game again....

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    Whats the pricing like on uGay/uPlay store compared to Steam ? Steam has some awesome sales but regional price rip offs quite a bit.

    Gotta wounder if its quicker to borrow somone elses copy of the game , copy to the hdd and get Uplay to detect it on the hard drive and just wack in the serial ?Ive done that with some steam games. Borrow the retail disk off a few ppl at lan parties , copy the files into steam , steam picks it up and copies about 15 meg of new files

    One of the clear advantages Steam has over uPlay + origin is it has regional servers. For me I can get 1meg or or 1000 Kb/sec speeds plus if the stuff is mirrored in Australia , its data quota free, it doesnt add to the 200 gig a month. When games are 5 to 15 gig these days plus gig updates, it adds up
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    Server farm? I think it's just a singular server. 120~ KB/s is unacceptable. Fits with the whole ubisoft/uplay experience though.

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