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Thread: If you had to choose between not having Brotherhood or not having Revelations? | Forums

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    If only the matchmaking was better, ACB would be perfect. It doesn't frustrate me nearly as much as ACR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePainV View Post
    Herp derp, everyone who disagrees with me doesn't know what they're talking about.
    Cool story bro.

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    Revelations is a good game, I feel like you guys are ignorant, Manhunt is somewhat broken yes but they're are others modes that aren't such as Artifact Assault. Venus you are one of the big offenders Mr.WhatISayGoes. People have different opinions, try playing a game other than ACB. I also see way to many threads like this that have people rambling on about how ACB is a lot better than ACR and criticizing ACR players. Unacceptable and childish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurePainV View Post
    i wish all rev players would have gottin brohood first so they would know what a good game is
    I wish all ignorant BH players weren't so ignorant, I play both brotherhood and rev. both games has its ups and downs.

    ACB players complain that AC:R isn't like AC:B, let me explain why it isn't, because it isn't... they are and always will be two completely different games, is mario kart for the super nintendo the same as mario kart for the wii? same game play gameplay? or did they change little things here and there? or do you guys want it the same game play just different maps? or did you guys want an AC:B.5?

    Games change... and yes I do know smokebomb is broken in AC:R, but yes I also know that one person lagging in AC:B can make a difference in making a 4second smoke into a 7second smoke

    don't like the fact that you can't get your streaks so easily in AC:R? that's cool I don't like the fact that you get your streaks so easily in AC:B, there's no punishment for getting stunned, no matter what at the end as long as you got them 5 kills you get the streak...

    but I still play both games by the way AC3 is going to be the same gameply as AC:R except smokebomb won't be broken which is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRProdigy1 View Post
    I feel like you guys are ignorant... Unacceptable and childish.
    That was uncalled for.
    So anyone who isn't agreeing with your opinion is childish and ignorant?

    Right. That's a mature way to think.

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    Everybody has different opinions, and none of them are right or wrong .

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    ACB before the "fix matchmaking" patch that came in March right before DLC 3.0 was better than post-patch.

    ACR before the "fix smokebomb" patch that came in March was better than post-patch.

    Pre-patch ACB was better than either version of ACR.

    Post patch ACB and pre-patch ACR were about equal, but catered to different styles of play, and I personally preferred ACB even after it had been broken, and since the even-more-game-breaking patch for ACR, I've liked it even less, for obvious reasons.

    So, if I had to choose between the two games, for myself, personally, I'd choose ACB. If I'm choosing for everyone, I'd love to have the option of choosing pre-patch ACB, but since that's not an option, I'm just going to hope that the lag issues are ACTUALLY addressed and not just avoided in conversation whenever people bring them up (like what happened in the recent podcast where the topic was brought up).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rita_g View Post
    That was uncalled for.
    So anyone who isn't agreeing with your opinion is childish and ignorant?

    Right. That's a mature way to think.
    Childish thing is that you BH players criticize a game a majority of this community plays.

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    Botherhood is an old game and is way better then ACR yes that is true but why do you guys fight each other this has been happening when ACR came out back then in old days there was no drama just in clans but now its every were ppl hate each other because they lag or just because there better then you but ACR has its up and ACB is not so BS then ACR..... ACR is like BS in many ways but ppl just love the game who cares this just makes more drama and Ppl hating more each other?.

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