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    Guess I am a bass player after all.

    Downloaded the patch and the bass DLC tonight after I got home from work. Broke out my Thunderbird Goth and first event hit a double encore and unlocked Jules. Yeah it was the Pixies and The Stones "Can't get no satisfaction" but I did something on bass after 30 minutes that I have not been able to do on guitar in 5 months. The new DLC and the patch are just the shot in the arm this game needed. I am going to stick with guitar during the week and work the rhythm machine on the weekends. The past 5 months with guitar has helped a lot with bass I am sure, and the bass helps with my rhythm and time keeping with guitar (which really sucks).
    So yeah REAL happy with the updates today. Thanks Rocksmith Devs.

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    I almost feel the same way. Struggled with some of the Rocksmith stuff at times without the ability to change speed manually. But I'm really surprised at how fast I was picking up the Bass. I just got my first Bass this week and I was leveling songs and played 3 events last night.
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    I'm already picking up common patterns and getting used to moving my hand around without staring at the fretboard. And ouch, my fingertips hurt!

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    You're right, with bass rhythm is the most important part of playing. Unfortunately, Rocksmith setup makes it really easy to play notes too early because it doesn't penalize the player.

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    I could copy/ paste all of your posts... Got a double-encore at my first event, bass seems really easier than guitar, my fingers are sore and ... black from the strings ! Having a blast !

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    I feel the same way but I would add that I bought the game 6 months ago along with an electric guitar because I didn't want to wait for bass. I was really looking forward to the bass version because I had bought a bass guitar 2 years ago and never played it (or anything). I figured I'd work on the electric guitar until the bass DLC dropped and then switch to my first love. That worked out great as I was already familiar with the game and the songs and hit the ground running on bass.

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    I share y'alls joy. I got the double encore and unlocked Space Ostrich on my first event with the bass. It was less then 45 min. after playing the expansion for the first time. I haven't unlocked any hidden songs with the guitar version, which I bought in November.

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