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    Assasins Creed 2 Codex problems PLEASE HELP!

    I have collected all the codexes and put them together correctly, but nothing happens. I can no longer change the positions of the codex pages on the wall. I have heard about a light of some sort, but when I as I've said nothing happens. I just stared at the world map, went out of eagle vision and left the villa, but I really want to know what I should do! Any suggestions?
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    Acquiring and arranging all of the codex pages are supposed to allow you to go to Rome to face Rodrigo. The resulting cutscene is of your discovery that the codex creates a map of the temples. Mario then tells you to come back to him when you're ready to go to Rome. You should be able to find him still in that room.
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    Have you finished all of the rest of the game? You cannot go to Rome until you have completed all of the chapters prior to that last one. You are likely to finish the map long before that point.
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