After playing the weekend and reaching level 10 I'd like to give some feedback about some issues I've encountered.

- Spell Twister: Can only be used if opponent has a spell card in hand. This way you can make some guesses about enemy hand without paying any cost. In my opinion you should always be able to play the card and if there is no spell card in hand you just discard 1.

- Game Client: Sometimes after a duel I cannot start a new one. Everything is grayed out in the play section. Need to restart the client.

- During Gameplay: Sometimes the HP of my or the opponent hero are not updating. Sometimes also the wrong cards are displayed.

- In-Game chat: Change color of ingame chat from opponent so it can be easily differentiated between the combat log chat. I would also add an option to disable combat log chat. This way there would be more exchange of thought between players and therefore possibly better decks.

- MOST SEVERE BUG: If the opponent chooses to play a card. I can see it when he gets to the point where he has to decide where to deploy it. Please change this. Cards should only be revealed if the action is irreversible.

Feature Request:

- Please add some way to exchange cards. This way there could be more refined decks in beta and therefore better balance testing of cards.

Best regards